Her Heart Kissed Joy


Peder Severin Krøyer [Public domain] “Summer Evening at Skagen beach, the artist and his wife”

Her heart kissed joy—

as if

she was not born

of hard work

and never would go far–

but sailed on stars

and heard them laugh


~in a brilliant champagne sky~


over the ocean’s voice

I ask you to linger,

remembering this–

a window in time–

and you smile in the soft night

while we dance through

a universe of always


I have so much to do, and I’ve been feeling so stressed, but look what the Oracle gave me today. This puente! I’m feeling better now.


30 thoughts on “Her Heart Kissed Joy

  1. Yes, this poem reads effortlessly. sails softly. I read it as if you were asking your mom to linger. Your stress I imagine is all of that plus having to work on your book. I’m glad the Oracle was kind to you today and we, your friends and readers, benefit from her kindness too 🙂

    • Thank you very much, Derrick. The poem came first from the magnetic tiles of the poetry Oracle. I forgot to include the screen shot of the tiles. But after I finished, well, perhaps as I was finishing it, I thought of this painting.

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