Truth and Beauty

converted PNM file




of larger

star-tossed bodies,

do you ring the rings,

in rhythmic melodies,

beauty unheard by mortals?

Rocky surface a void–or not–

universal truths of the cosmos

perhaps not universal or the truth.


This is an etheree for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday challenge, using synonyms for empty and space. I read that astronomers have discovered 20 new moons circling Saturn, making a total of 82.

I’m taking a quick poetry break. I’m sorry I’m so behind on reading posts. The book is almost done.




26 thoughts on “Truth and Beauty

  1. Almost every night when I wake up, I stroll outside (sleepily) and look at the moon. I’ve not seen the rings of Saturn lately!

    Treat yourself to some “down” time soon. I agree with Derrick, you work SO hard!

  2. Hi, Merril! Don’t apologize for working on your book. We understand. I enjoyed your Etheree. Thanks for the information. I find astronomy fascinating. Happy Friday! 😀 xo

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