A Bit of Healing



I’ve been feeling stressed for months—deadlines, caring for my mom, trying to fit everything in, waiting for the next disaster. I take a morning walk in the riverside park before the predicted downpour arrives. There I find a bit of magic, a bit of healing. Life goes on.


russet-gold shower

leaves fall on a silent world—

time pauses, deer leaps




I’m linking this Haibun to dVerse’s Open Link Night. Lillian asked for some treats. Seeing deer is a treat for me (as long as they’re not in the road).


50 thoughts on “A Bit of Healing

  1. Seeing deer is indeed a treat and I’m so glad they’re allow you time to photograph them so the rest of us can share in the treat. Infrequently I see deer when I go on a nature walk at work, but they’re either too far away or they run away. Know that I’m thinking about you and wish you well. Sending you lots of virtual hugs.

  2. Beautifully done. This reminds me so much of the Japanese tradition of “forest bathing” — It is in many ways a form of meditation…the walking and breathing in of the forest. Focusing on the myriad shades of green and earth tones…and then to see the deer.
    I enjoyed this very much….and I do hope you can take these moments for yourself. Most especially in terms of caring for your mother. Our roles of parenting shift as our parents age. And the calm and livelihood of the caretaker is so very important. Thinking of you this morning….

    • Thank you very much, Lillian. Yes, perhaps it is a bit like forest bathing–though there’s no forest. 🙂 But yes, just the walking and thinking–and sometimes writing poems in my head. I appreciate your very kind thoughts.

  3. There is something restorative about nature and solitude. We live near a park, and have a deer who visits our back yard and eats grain from the bird feeder! Beautiful words.

  4. Thank you for this lovely reminder that the natural world continues to exist while our human-made and human-paced lives race along at sometimes breakneck speeds…) Deep breath in. Deep breath out.


    The tree spreads
    The fawn is small
    Shelters, nurtured

    Air – as will water
    Will fill or empty
    Whatever space
    Is encountered
    At this time

    Large – as small
    As time shucks off
    Its shackles
    And chuckles


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