Here and There and Here

Willow at Dock Creek, October 2019

Monday Morning Musings:

“All I know

Is you are there

You are there

And I am here.

–Irene Sankoff and David Heine, “I am Here,” from Come From Away


“Suddenly there’s nothing in between me and the sky”

Irene Sankoff and David Heine, “Me and the Sky,” from Come From Away


“Think of it as a ghost play; the actor’s older bodies are haunting these thirteen-year-old characters.”

Clare Barron on her play, Dance Nation


“Are you here?” my mother asks

as I, involved in some ordinary task

stand just beyond her sight.


The boundaries between mist and light

time and dreams, seems porous, slight

and she drifts, and we drift again and again


Reflections in a rain puddle, Philadelphia

sunshine, then rain

“Here,” says the woman in the book

“Here,” I say, “Look.”


The twilight and dawn

the days that falter, end with a song

look at them fly

nothing between them and the sky

and we drink wine, talk of movies and why

they did this or that—it’s a metaphor

I say, and we laugh, remember more

to discuss, remember the time when it was just us

or when we were thirteen–


remember how life seemed?

All emotions, and the dreams?

Emotions now more settled, but more stress—

I digress.

Time right now to sit in gardens bright

to catch autumn’s glowing light




rain and sunshine, tears, delight

I was there once, now I’m here in sight–

of what? I’m not certain, but you are here

together we’re here,

and there’s magic in theater–and deer

and nature, magic in each day’s dawning


watching the sun rise, yawning

as it sets, and the cats that sleep, never fawning

honest with their desire

for food and love, we’re the suppliers

but we get it back, their love doesn’t expire

no ghosts in their bodies, at least that I see


they can just be–

and sometimes so can we—

here together,


I am here,

you are here,

nothing between us and sky–

in my dreams, we fly.



We actually saw two shows this week: Come From Away and Dance Nation. Come from Away is heartwarming without being cloying. It’s about people doing good. It’s about the town in Newfoundland that takes in flights following the terrorist attacks on 9/11. It’s poignant, but also very funny at times. The staging is wonderful, and we saw it in the beautiful Academy of Music in Philadelphia. Dance Nation is about a competitive dance team of middle school kids, but it’s also a memory play, as we see glimpses of the girls (and one boy’s) older selves. All the actors are adults. It’s laugh out loud funny at times, but it also makes you want to cheer. There’s a wonderful speech on female empowerment.

And for Merril’s Movie Club members—we finally got to the movies and saw Parasite. Yes, of course it has subtitles. It’s Korean. It’s about class and metaphors, and it’s excellent, but you know, it’s a Merril movie. 😉 Here’s the trailer.













40 thoughts on “Here and There and Here

  1. I love how words responding to one perspective manage to capture another perspective so succinctly – “I was there once, now I’m here in sight– / of what? I’m not certain, but you are here” – captures my anticipation … husband planning to retire in June … each solo day now more precious … while looking forward to his presence, our travels … open to what’s ahead but wondering WHEN will I write? We are together on this transition’s verge – together still an amazing grace when I look back 20 years!
    Thank you for making me smile this morning.
    And do keep posting cat antics – love the feet protruding from basket pose!

    • What a lovely comment! Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy your husband’s retirement. My husband–after 38 years–finally was ready to leave his teaching job. I told him he had to have a plan though first, so he was working part-time at a golf course, and now he’s teaching part-time at a community college. I hope you will have a wonderful time traveling, or doing whatever it is you enjoy. We’ve been enjoying going on outings. Our cats make me smile, too!

  2. Thanks Merril, always such a pleasure to see a photo/s already seen, here and there, woven onto a story simpatico with the pulse of daily life. Truly, there is poetry in the pulses …

  3. This is beautiful–and cats, too :). You made me think with your words and with that Dance Nation quote. Both shows sound wonderful. I’ve heard so much about the first one, but not about the latter, so I was glad to hear about it. I am here.

  4. What a fantabulous week you had, Merril!
    And I must thank you for the movie heads up 😉
    I have a whole month to wait till I see Come From Away 😉

  5. What a week, what a musing, what light and shade, being here and being there, you and the sky. Just lovely, gentle, frail, fine. I agree; the staging of Come From Away was wonderful, you were everywhere and somewhere all at once, I didn’t even realise until almost half way through that they were all playing multiple characters.

    Loving the autumn reds you captured here too and cat in basket- brilliant.

    I wanted to see Parasite but here its with French subtitles and I cannot read and translate that fast while not missing anything! Instead I did Joker and Downton Abbey back to back recently, hilarious and not!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment. It was fun to finally have some time to just do some fun things. Parasite will probably show up somewhere where you can watch it. I’ll probably see Downton at some point. It’s movie season now–so many I want to see! 🙂

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