In Brilliant Blue



Bring eternity

in brilliant blue, time’s lines meet

continuing on

through darkness and glowing light

blooming, as leaves scatter, fall


For Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday. I took this photo while walking to my polling place on Tuesday. I really like it, and I’ve been trying to come up with a poem for it.








26 thoughts on “In Brilliant Blue

  1. Wow. This photo makes me take a deep and calming breath each time I gaze at it. Hurrah that you captured this moment en route to voting! This time of year, with shorter days, colder temperatures (first snow flakes falling from the sky yesterday while biking home from work!), and falling leaves is a challenge for me. But your photo and your poem help in a small way for me to make peace with the return of another autumn…

  2. This is a voting-day treasure – lines in the sky both natural and put-there-by-man plus implied voting lines plus that brilliant blue! (Glad no red sky over the polls!) We voted Tues late enough that the line curled outside and moonlit …

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