The Sleep Shadows Said


Moonrise over a South Jersey field, November.


The sleep shadows said

live life as a moon rising through the mist

with dreams raining from her

in honeyed-diamond language

shining with ifs.


~So, you recall the sweet luscious beat~


as we love and ache

and watch men lie and shoot.

Yet still the sky sings in light-music of purple-pink,

and it floats on our tongues

as the wind whispers why?


Another puente from the Oracle. It seems she knows the world is an especially confusing place these days. (And also that I had some very strange dreams just before waking today.) I didn’t take a screen shot because I planned to come back to the tiles. I thought I emailed the poem to myself, but it vanished. Mysterious world. Here’s the link to the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. 

I’m linking this to dVerse’s Open Link Night, which Lillian is hosting, and I’m getting in just before it closes.


28 thoughts on “The Sleep Shadows Said

  1. I love the opening of the poem, like the memory of a dream or an incantation. It’s very similar to the first poem I wrote with the Oracle, many of the same images. Aching isn’t one I use much, but we both had it today.

  2. Lovely Merril thank you. Somehow I’m reminded of the symbolism of the Sun, logos and a masculine energy; Moon, Eros and a feminine energy which rises – which the sun does as well of course but she, Moon, also shapeshifts –

  3. This is beautiful. I think the Oracle must like you very much. Or trust you with words. I clicked just now and received “chocolate” and “repulsive,” “sweat” and “trudge.” I’m not sure what kind of poem I could build with that. Nor do I think “chocolate” and “repulsive” should ever show up together. 😀

    • Thank you so much, Robin!
      I agree with you about chocolate and repulsive never being together. 🙂 But you must have had more words, too. It does take some time to learn to work with the Oracle.

  4. If only we could live life as the moon…still she is a good companion in these dark times.
    I too had a vivid and somewhat terrifying dream Friday night, yet I woke up feeling much clearer. Strange. (K)

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