There is Always Magic: A Birthday Poem for Myself


Breathe away sad rhythms,

wake to morning joy—

go celebrate life’s dazzling color


(eat cake)


Listen to the poetry of the stars kissing the night sky

and remember to embrace the lingering blue

as the clouds dance in brilliant-red fire–


explore time’s window and the universe’s ifs

but live your heart—

there is always magic


(the ghosts of your ancestors smile).




The Oracle gave me this poem for my birthday.  I forgot to take a screen shot of the final version of the tiles, and we collaborated a bit, but she did tell me to eat cake.

Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 12.38.25 PM


43 thoughts on “There is Always Magic: A Birthday Poem for Myself

  1. Your poems invite me to slow down and remind me to appreciate daily beauty/joy. Thank you for writing and sharing them with us. A healthy, happy, rejuvenating birthday to you!

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  3. I love this. You’ve got a nice blog, and I’m glad to follow you.🤗I will turn on notifications so o don’t miss your posts.

    It’s an honor to be here 🙇 . I hope I can make good friends with you💐 and if you wish, I would be very pleased 🙇 to have to check out my blog🙏😊

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