In the Darkness of the Year



Moonglow and star shimmer

light the travelers on their way.


Candlelight in windows flicker

a signal, a sign—


here we hold darkness at bay


for minutes, hours, days

as lovers embrace and sway,


finding freedom–a miracle

some might say


light comes to stay.



I’m so totally procrastinating today, so why not write another poem? Here’s a quadrille for dVerse,where Lillian is hosting. She asks us to use the word glow.















57 thoughts on “In the Darkness of the Year

    • Thank you, Lillian! You can choose your own meaning. I was thinking of various holiday symbols–refugees (as in the Christmas story and now), Hanukkah, a candle burning in Dr. Zhivago–all sort of swirling through my head as I wrote.

  1. A lot of tenderness displayed off this “glow” prompt out here on the trail. Leave ikt to me to explore the darker side of glow.

  2. You’ve taken the classic combination of moonglow and star shimmer and warmed up my chilly, rainy morning, Merril! I love to see candlelight in windows, it makes me feel like I’m almost home, and adds a touch of romance to the night.

  3. The lights in the window seem ever more urgent–I just commented on another poem that talked about them. Nearly every window on my street is lit this year. You’ve captured the spirit beautifully. (K)

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