The Almost Was


Winslow Homer, Eastern Point Light


She almost remembers sailing over open seas,

a symphony of waves and skies, singing

of a universe of tomorrows,

with the wind whispering when—

she almost remembers

though it wasn’t her life


~and if her heart wonders~


and wanders through the never was,

she imagines by his bed a picture

of past celebrations, and lingering kisses,

embraces, poetry in the night–

and time, an open window

of what might have been


A collaborative poem with the Oracle.

34 thoughts on “The Almost Was

  1. I almost remembered that I read a certain book when I read the title on another writer’s blog. Today the Oracle was not speaking clearly to me. Lack of collaboration, I guess.

    Oh, well. . . .

  2. Indeed, the sense of this poem is haunting. “she almost remembers / though it wasn’t her life”: this suggests the power of story-telling, especially stories of one’s own family that can be so vivid, you might think you had experienced them yourself.

    • Thank you very much for that thoughtful comment. I had thought of it as sort of the path she did not take, but it could easily be your interpretation–or both, I suppose. Thank you!

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