Lesser Ury, London in Fog, 1926


You wander, winter spirits,

in air dusk-dark,

blooms now covered by brown wind-rustle

as I walk, listening to the river

carrying secrets


~and poetry of if and why~


flows in cycles with the moon–

our world, a song rooted in hope

burning bright,

following stars to the dawn,

rising in birdsong of spring


Yesterday was dreary—it looked like twilight all day long, and this morning it’s foggy, and I can’t get myself to do much of anything. I used the nature set from the Oracle this time, and we collaborated on this Puente.


31 thoughts on “Wandering

  1. Mine is like your first half…also inspired by the weather I’m sure. I like that your wheel turned toward the light.
    I have to do the art and will post later. (K)

  2. You wander, winter spirits,
    in air dusk-dark…

    I melted reading your first line and throughout your melodic poetry. Winter spirits can be dreary; yet you wandered into the shadows and uncovered hope.

  3. Hello, Merril … are you aware there is some issue with your “Hidden” post … first several attempts to open, it just said “nothing here” … eventually opened, but keeps saying “loading” at the bottom where I should see a place to LIKE. And when I try to enter a comment, it goes off into deep space somewhere. ???

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