Listening, Watching, Hoping


The world is sad and broken,

clouds of smoke rising


and the voices of trees lost.

(Say not forever.)


Still I listen for the secret rhythm

of stars and moon


and watch the sun rise

brilliant fire in the sky


lighting our days,

reminding us of if and when


the universe is born and dies,

again and again–


and yet, the flowers bloom in spring

(until they don’t)


and their perfume rises

in morning’s smile.


My collaboration with the magnetic poetry Oracle. She always seems to know what is and what might be.



27 thoughts on “Listening, Watching, Hoping

  1. This is beautifully written, Merril. The fires in Australia, the fires in politics… knowing that after the fires, things grow even more beautifully (as mentioned by an Aussie blogger, I follow) and hope that the same will happen within government – thought that will be more difficult…

  2. “(Say not forever.)” — there it is, “say not forever.” I do think of the fires in Australia, among other things, provoked by your lovely poem. A friend who lives in Perth, Western Australia, went on a bit of a rant the other night about the “too little, too late” response from the government. Interesting because I’ve always thought that Australia was more progressive than the US. It is still in terms of health care but of all the countries to be in denial about climate change … boggles my mind. The Oracle is very cognizant of what is going on in the world … well, I guess she would be. At least she tends to veer toward the hopeful or perhaps that’s your influence.

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