Wild the owl that hoots at night,

wild the fawn that gambols from my sight,

wild the wind that blows from other lands,

and wild the waves that lap the sand,


wild the lightning in the sky—

and wild the thunder echoes. . . asking why?


A rhyming quadrille for dVerse, where Kim has asked us to use the word, “wild.”



50 thoughts on “Wild

  1. I love the use of repetition and rhyme in your quadrille, Merril. We have owls that hoot and deer that gambol in our garden, and I enjoy good old wild thunder and lightning.

    • Thank you very much, Kim. Your garden sounds wonderful. I think I used to enjoy thunder and lightning more, but since we’ve had trees down and tornado watches, they seem scarier to me now.

  2. Owls and deer, my favourites (some of). I’m surprised you didn’t comment on how our poems could be different stanzas of the same song, same rhythm and rhyme, and we both had wild the wind and the waves. Just sayin.

    • Thank you very much!
      The photo was taken at the park that’s in my town. It overlooks the Delaware River, and a Revolutionary War battle took place there. In the past we’ve had deer in our yard and walking down the street, but I haven’t seen them recently.

  3. Oh I love this especially; “and wild the waves that lap the sand/wild the lightning in the sky.” Unforgettable write 💝💝

  4. We have deer in our preserve, but I seldom see them – just the results of their nibbling the hibiscus sometimes. I delight in owl hoots because they remind me of childhood.

    Like Victoria, I agree: your quadrille seems “like a song in praise of the wild.”

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