Song Cycle


Caspar David Friedrich, The Morning


Stroll through soft cloud blossoms

cold rain and light

joined in poetry, nature’s songs

carrying rhythm from the deep

of ancient and always,


~climbing with the sun~


I wander,

linger with spirits the color of dusk

and if I sing of if,

sing with me in harmony,

following the moon.



Caspar David Friedrich, The Evening


I think the Oracle knew that I needed a break yesterday. Even though I tried every set of tiles, she would not give me a message. She finally decided I was ready late in the day, when I started this, but then I got interrupted by a phone call. Here’s the puente–it’s mostly her, but there’s a bit of collaboration. I chose the paintings afterwards.

44 thoughts on “Song Cycle

  1. “And if I sing of if” – beautiful – thank you for the invite to sing along “following the moon”. (I envision a line of us zen-meditative walking single file on a gently hill, moon above, our voices mingling though not necessarily all singing the same phrases, yet a collective “collage” prayer of unity.)

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