Whispers of Spring


Red Bank Battlefield, NJ


It is warm for February, but not as warm as I thought it would be. A cool wind blows across the choppy river. I put on a hat to cover my ears–still I hear the trees whisper, “spring is coming,” as I see shoots and leaves poking from the ground.

bare branches beckon,

sun’s chariot draws closer

waking earth with light


It has been a mild winter, but I’m ready for spring. It was good to see a blue sky yesterday. Though we’re back to dreary grey today, I’m excited to see crocuses, and even a few daffodil leaves emerging from the ground.

Frank asked us to write about the coming of spring for Haibun Monday at dVerse.









42 thoughts on “Whispers of Spring

  1. Your photo captures perfectly the winter/spring question of your haibun. It could be the coldest day of the year or the promise of bulbs (and trees) waiting to burst forth with color, as your words remind us.

  2. That is lovely. And though our winter has been less than, I’m good with it being gone. It’s only February 4, however, sooo I am not deluding myself…
    The blue skies, however, I shall gladly take. Today is shades of grey, pale grey and dirty white… 😉

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