Everyday Miracles


Monday Morning Musings:

“We forget that nature itself is one vast miracle transcending the reality of night and nothingness. We forget that each one of us in his personal life repeats that miracle.”

–Loren Eiseley, The Firmament of Time, quoted here.


In argent splendor, she rises

full in her monthly course

Worm Moon in a yearly cycle

as winter turns to spring

she hums a song


awakening the flowers

pink, yellow, blue, white

and birds soar, black silhouettes

against the feather-clouds


while beneath, unaware,

puppies run and tumble. I toss

a frisbee in the air

chased and caught–

what rises falls–


as we know, but forget,

ignore the signs,

and the moon’s warning–

it will be cockeyed day

of near mishaps


still the sun rises and sets

as the earth rotates

and we spin, but don’t fall—not yet—

while we make another revolution

through the year


to my sister-niece’s birthday.

While the men create order

from the chaos of the garden

we watch the river less restrained

crashing in waves upon the rocks


Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield, National Park, NJ


while across the water

large ships sail into port

and out again to the sea

a cycle of commerce—

the river has seen it all, she sighs


as we walk and talk

of family and friends

of the history of this place

once full of crops and fish

where men died in battle


(Do you shiver, sensing their ghosts

drifting by?)



we reflect on the times

but we eat and drink

celebrate her birthday–

in this time of caution–

with a solo candle for her slice–



don’t get too close,

the three-quarter moon hums

Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn

Ignore her,

the age-old story–



pestilence and plagues

arrogance and ignorance–

but the flowers bloom again in spring

whether we see them or not

a miracle of nature


we forget and remember

trying to tame chaos

as the waves crash

we stop, look—sometimes

holding out a hand, even if it’s dangerous–


and the sun

rises again

and again

and again

and again.



Sunrise Salutation


It’s been a strange week. Some of you may have seen my previous post, “Tilting.”

Merril’s Movie Club: In this time of social distancing, we haven’t gone out to see any movies recently, but we watched a movie last night, White Lies, New Zealand’s entry for Best Foreign Film at the 2014 Academy Awards. It’s a film that slowly uncovers secrets from the past about identity, colonialism, and women’s roles. It’s in Maori and English. It’s on Amazon Prime.

We’re also watching Babylon Berlin on Netflix. It’s been on  my list for awhile, but we’re just getting to it. Season 3 just dropped. We’ve binged Season 1, which begins in Berlin in 1929, and we’re on Season 2 now. It’s a real Merril show—neo-noir with a complicated storyline, dazzling visuals, and song and dance in every episode. I was a bit confused after the first episode, but now I’m hooked (and so is my husband).





27 thoughts on “Everyday Miracles

  1. What a beautiful, calming poem: “but the flowers bloom again in spring /
    whether we see them or not”. I love the concept of Life going on whether I’m here to see it or not. Now, Babylon Berlin: we watched Season 1 and loved it but were left confused and disoriented by Episode 1 of Season 2. I don’t know if my husband is willing to give it another go, but do you recommend we do? With the days longer, we’re watching less TV, spending more time on the back porch as the light fades. Sometimes all we can manage is an episode from the original Star Trek 😉

    • Thank you!
      Hmmm. . .the beginning of Ep.1, Season 2 is confusing (we thought we had missed something), but it gets explained by the end of the episode. We watched a few more episodes, and we’re still caught up in the show.
      You can never go wrong with Star Trek–though I’m more a fan of Next Generation and Voyager. 🙂

      • I love Next Generation (especially Patrick Stewart 😉). The original is so sexist it drives me crazy but it’s a diversion. We just watched episode 2 of Babylon Berlin. Much easier to follow and I’m pleased because I really like the actors and setting.

      • Oh good–I’m glad I got you back to it. 🙂 I think we watched episode 3 or 4 last night.
        Yes, Patrick Stewart! He still looks very fit in the new show, but they also don’t ignore his age, which is cool, too.

  2. Those eternal circles and cycles again. I’m glad your flowers are in bloom and spring is here. If only people took more notice of things that are important and worried less about having to give up even a bit of their comfort.

  3. Again and again you dazzle with your word wizardry, thanks Merril. The photos are gorgeous! Stay safe and be well … and wash your hands just like your Mama tells you ..

  4. Just getting caught up with you (and hoping this comment will take — WordPress has not been cooperating with me when it comes to Likes and Comments lately). This is lovely, and hopeful in some ways. Spring returns, no matter what we humans are up to. 🙂

    • It worked, Robin. Thank you. Last week I was working on my old computer (I was slowly transferring to my new–long story), and I couldn’t get WP to work using it. I think there must be some issue with operating systems or browser updates or something.

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