A Gleam in the Gloom: NaPoWriMo2020, Day 7



I walk down streets marked No Outlet

wondering if I could find a way, to flit

or flee, like Alice underground


but I’m afraid of falling, rolling

into a hungry black hole,

consumer of light—and all–


though light beams through night

and clouds and cracks, the sight

we see glimmers from the past–


no less wondrous if unseen–

the black hole, or a tree, I mean

here, the flowers bloom,


and birds sing

in their secret language of spring,

of greening feathered flight,


and the sun flirts with treetops,

but no one kisses on Main Street, that’s stopped,

and there’s no rock and rolling,


as masked like bandit queens and kings

in solitary kingdoms, with empty swings–

the children inside–


we walk steadfast apart

with trembling hearts

still able to feel


steel yourself, no stumbling into a hole,

so, we comfort and console

as the birds sing and flowers bloom


and we sit in our rooms

connected with Zoom—

finding there’s an outlet after all,


a gleam through the gloom.


I’ve combined two prompts. The NaPoWriMo Day 7 prompt asked us to write a poem based on a news story. I wrote about “the hungry black hole.” At dVerse, Björn asked us “to take inspiration from the words like plague, pestilence, and pandemic, and write a poem to console us in this time of the Corona.”


































62 thoughts on “A Gleam in the Gloom: NaPoWriMo2020, Day 7

  1. ❤ What a lovely hopeful line:
    and birds sing

    in their secret language of spring,

    of greening feathered flight

    Black hole or not, there's always spring. Sometime.

    • Yes, I think so. I could have made it really dark. 😏. Thank you about the photo. I took a bunch today. I keep thinking we might not be allowed out soon, so I’ll make the most of it. (And we’re supposed to have thunderstorms in the morning tomorrow.)

      • Even when the confinement is strict, I think you have to be let out to do food shopping. They’re going to tighten up the rules here to limit the number of times people can claim they’re ‘just going to do their shopping’ to once a day.

      • I saw Paris was limiting the time people can go out to exercise to early morning and later at night, I think. I’ve been walking in the street, and not near anyone. I guess that’s more difficult in a city.

  2. I like the Alice in Wonderland image especially, traveling at great speed through the unknown. Great post!

    Zoom is my friend too, connecting with my writers’ group and Pilates friends these days.

  3. A poem within a poem … this says so much:
    we sit in our rooms
    connected with Zoom—
    finding there’s an outlet after all,
    a gleam through the gloom
    Thank you for spreading the gleam!

  4. Merril, I’m so glad you had a lovely walk! My walks here are limited to within my apartment complex downstairs when I go feed the community cats – not very far, but the kitties are very calming.

  5. We are all afraid really to fall into that deep tunnel of darkness and gloom. Still there is light and spring to look forward to and appreciate the birds and blooms at a distance.

  6. I just love this! Yes, Spring is blooming, birds are still doing their thing, rivers are waking up and the sun is shining down on all of it, and we are caught in its path too. Beautiful and full of hope!

  7. THANK you for your positive ending here. I admit, as I’ve admitted to others this morning….I put off reading these. There’s enough negatives in numbers and in the news — which I now try to avoid. We must concentrate on hope….and I truly believe that when we unmask and see so many smiles, a new sense of humanity will be born. Thank you for your positive references here.

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