Mickey: NaPoWriMo2020, Day 14


Yesterday did not dawn. It oozed grey with an oppressive silence, punctuated by thunder. There was a tornado warning in effect for the afternoon. Then, the storm clouds cleared, and the sun shimmered on the trees as we drove to the animal hospital to say goodbye to our cat Mickey. From the window of the little exam room we could hear birds singing. Maybe Mickey heard them, too, but I know he heard our voices and felt us petting him. He purred before he went to sleep, never to wake.

Today, dawn came. I walked, watching the sun rise and listening to the birds–and the world seemed a little less broken.


white cat paw clouds drift

slumbering in the sunshine—

trees drop pink teardrops



Mickey’s quirkiness matched his one blue eye and one yellow eye and his long legs. He loved chasing his orange ball. He hid from strangers and growled at some people, but he loved to sit with us at night and get neck rubs. We miss him.



38 thoughts on “Mickey: NaPoWriMo2020, Day 14

    • Thank you so much, and I’m sorry you’re facing that decision. Years ago, when we had an old lady cat we knew we’d be facing it because she had kidney disease. I was sad, but I knew it was coming. This was just so unexpected. He was active and playing last week–and then suddenly he wasn’t.

  1. Oh, Merrill – so sad to read this. The photos make him seem full of vigor. Those clouds do look like paw prints. Perhaps Mickey angel paws kneading the sky like he once kneaded your lace tablecloth.

  2. Mickey is so beautiful, and he had you to look after him. I’m glad he found you. I’m so sorry for your loss. ❤ The little white paw prints in the sky are so poignant.

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