Moving On, NaPoWriMo2020, Day 15


Delaware River at sunrise, moving on.  April 2020. West Deptford, NJ


Waiting now–

ghosts and dreamers drift

on ifs, when

hope moves on,

the world is shaken—but watch–

it tilts, seeking light.


A shadorma for Day 15.  The NaPoWriMo  prompt for today is to write a poem based on a song or music. I chose a favorite, “Move On” from Sunday in the Park with George.  Probably Sondheim has a song for everything. I feel like we’ve all been doing a lot of waiting. I took this photo yesterday morning when I went out walking while I was grieving for my cat and the world.

Here’s Bernadette Peters and Mandy Patinkin singing “Move On.”





26 thoughts on “Moving On, NaPoWriMo2020, Day 15

  1. Nice job, Merril. Are you a Sondheim fan? He’s my least favorite famous Bway composer, I have to say. Well, I didn’t have to haha. I hold it against him for writing Company.

    • Thank you, Luanne. You’re not a Sondheim fan? I mean you can’t hum his songs, and they’re not comfort food songs, but I think he’s brilliant, and there are a lot of his songs and musicals that I really do love. I don’t think I have a favorite Broadway composer. It depends on my mood, I guess. 😀

      • Ok I can hum BOBBY BOBBY BOBBY. It sounds like brazen “alarum” bells in Poe’s poem. Ick. My favorite is Jerry Herman. I love many of them, but he is my favorite. Very very sentimental though. But then I love waltzes and marches, too.

  2. Oh Merril…did kitty not make it? I’m so, so sorry *hugs*
    It tilts, seeking light – what a beautiful phrase. And Bernadette Peters! ❤

  3. I love your “ifs” and “when,” inspiring hope. Yesterday was a chilly, stormy day which I would normally love because such days always make me think of curling up with cats and a book and a mug of hot tea. But it was instead a sad day, thinking about Mickey and our mothers (my mother is fine but we got a little family drama going on between my older sisters and my mom is unwittingly in the middle). So your poem is what I need this morning as I grudgingly return to my work day: the idea of the world tilting, seeking light. That’s an image I’ll hold close to me.

    • Aww–thank you so much Marie for your lovely thoughtful comment. I’m sorry about the family drama going on. I’m glad I could bring you a peaceful image to hold in your mind. ❤️

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