Gogyohka for Grief and Hope





follow the light

within the feathered beats of moon song,

a mockingbird sings of love and hope,

between the full moon and the new,

an eternity passes


I’m not really up for prompts just yet, but this fits Frank’s New Moon Challenge. I was thinking how so much has happened in two weeks since the moon was last full.





39 thoughts on “Gogyohka for Grief and Hope

  1. ❤ Feathered beats of moon song. What a beautiful image Merril. Much love – I'm still not able to write or read as much as I'd like of everyone's poetry, but I send hugs and all the best wishes from here, and kittipurrs.

    • Aww–thank you so much, Shuku. ❤️ That phrase just wouldn’t leave my head.
      I’m not able to focus much on anything right now, but this poem just wanted to be written.

      • It definitely did need to be written I think. ❤ I'm so glad you let it out. It's ok not to focus – a very wise woman called Romana (yes, our Romana!) told me that life did indeed happen, and that poetry and writing would come when it came. And it does. ❤
        Take care of yourself all right? Will be thinking of you.

      • I will. I’m trying to, which is why I haven’t been writing – it was getting unhealthily stressful, and I’ve desperately needed some space in the day to cope. I’ll probably take a day and catch up with several prompts or write a few things, but at least for the next two or three days, I’m still going to be poem-less. ❤ But it's been good for me to learn to NOT do, sans guilt. Another wise woman, our Angela, tells me that it's the reflex of a protective mechanism that once served me well but doesn't any more and she's right.

      • Oh yes–there’s no point in stressing over writing. That defeats the purpose. I definitely can’t deal with NaPoWriMo right now. But I can always go back and look at the prompts if I want to, and so can you. Take care!❤️

  2. Beautiful, Merril.
    Just go with the muse. Writing is release when that is what you are compelled to do. Forcing it serves no purpose so be gentle with yourself.
    Sending love your way

  3. Waaay too much stuffed into the past 2 weeks, and you’ve had more to cope with than most of us. That you’re putting up a daily poem is both heartening and heart-wrenching. Wishing you love and hope in the span till next new moon.

  4. Beautiful, thank you for sharing. I need these reads to make me sane this quarantine times.
    By the way, I am a new blogger and I just recently, I made a challenge to myself. For the next 21 days I will be visiting blog put its blog link on my blog. I hope you can support me this.
    I also followed your blog.

  5. Sometimes focus is hard to come by when in the midst of grief (and sometimes it’s laser-like). This is beautiful, Merril. “within the feathered beats of moon song” ❤

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