And After



An ache—and after–

she lives

in rain whispers,

moon music,

and dappled light


~winging through trees~


the crows call, and I laugh

a dream of ifs, why, and how

love is a recalled–

the scent of roses

on a summer breeze, lingering.


A puente from a collaboration with the Poetry Oracle. She truly does know everything. My mother died one week ago.

53 thoughts on “And After

  1. The Oracle does indeed know. This is so beautiful and poignant, Merril. Much love as always ❤ My heart goes out to you.

  2. You will continue to think of our mother every day. Mine died nearly 5 years ago, and when I walk by her photo in the living room, I say “Thank you, Mom!

    Poignant puente! ((( )))

  3. The Oracle is in sync with you, Merril. Though I’ve zero doubt you would have done just as beautiful a job without her help. This was simply so full of love.

    • Thank you so much. We had a family memorial via Zoom last night, and it turned out to be totally weird, just like our family get-togethers. I think my mom would have been laughing. 😀

      • I find it fascinating that you had a family zoom memorial service. This may be in my near future. I may be asking you questions about how you did it soon, if that’s OK. Your poetry as you mourn is absolutely beautiful and touching and special.

      • Oh gosh, Pam. I’m sorry. Yes, of course. Feel free to e-mail me, or send me a FB message, and I can give you my number. (Though not sure you would want your memorial to be anything like ours.) 😏

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