Green and Shadowed


Monday Morning Musings:


“And having, on the other hand,

A flowery, green, bird-singing land.”

–William Henry Davies, “In May”


The world grows green and greener

(as many grow mean and meaner),

and baby geese in their downy coats

waddle on the shore, as an older one floats


down the river, like my dreams

(or so it seems).

Life has changed, and though adorned

in May’s flowery embrace, we’re warned



of its fragility, shadows with fertility,

reminders that life is fraught, though there may be tranquility–

death comes to all–the lesser and the mighty fall–

and the world turns upside-down, through the wormhole


we go into another place,

embrace darkness, or find grace

in doing what is good and right

find the cracks that let in light–


I looked down a found a bit of magic.


and though I see shadows, I walk on

listening for birdsong, watching for dawn.



I don’t go anywhere anymore, except for walks, where I get a dose of the natural world to counteract the anxiety, fear, and the news of the crazies and the supporters of the horror in the White House. I have to remind of all the good people—my family and friends—and you readers, of course.  I decided to go into the reopened park this morning, but I won’t do that again. There were too many people even at 7:30 AM to make it comfortable for me.  I put on a mask (no one else was wearing one), and then it was difficult to walk quickly and breathe. I left and continued my walk down streets where no one was around, so I could walk without a mask. WP won’t let me upload my masked face photo.


No movies this week, we’re binging Star Trek: Discovery.  It’s good to see Star Fleet heroes and people with morals. And I also started watching The Good Fight. I’m reminded how I like all the shows Michelle King and Robert King create: The Good Wife, Brain Dead, Evil—good actors and stories with a touch of quirkiness. Their shows always have wonderful supporting actors, too.



Shadows and reflections.  Thank goodness for this little guy.









47 thoughts on “Green and Shadowed

  1. My hope here: “find grace
    in doing what is good and right
    find the cracks that let in light–” Lovely, Merril, and that first photo! It lifts my spirits despite the dread I feel with the lifting of some restrictions. In my area, few people have been wearing face masks and social distancing as it is. I find it interesting that the Republican governor of Ohio is requiring people to wear face masks in public whereas the Republican governor of Florida just recommends it. I have a friend that twice has tried to talk me into meeting with her, wearing face masks and staying six feet apart, but I can’t bring myself to do it. If I lived alone, that would be one thing. But while my husband is in generally good health, I would feel awful if I brought the virus home to him. If we all could just be more patient and more caring about the health of others.

    • Thank you very much, Marie.
      I had no idea what to write about today, so I went out for my morning walk. . .
      Yeah, the whole lifting of restrictions thing. I so want to go back to cafes and theaters, but not enough to risk my life or my husband’s. And of course, I want to see and hug my daughters. And then today I saw a FB post (copied “from a friend” it said) that was such a right wing conspiracy thing–hinting that the virus was manufactured, that Fauci was involved, and ending with how Christians are restricted by Muslims aren’t? UGH. UGH. UGH. End rant.

      • Yuk. I have relatives who buy into those conspiracies. Pretty hard to take. Every time I wonder about whether I’m too fearful, I remind myself about when my husband and I both got the flu a few years ago and how awfully sick we were. We had had our flu shots but early in the season. I was lucky that I was able to sleep. In my humble opinion sleep is the best medicine although Greg said he couldn’t always tell if I was breathing. As I recovered, he came down with it, but with a horrible, painful cough. After several days, when he called me at work, saying he felt worse and wanted to see a doctor, I cried I was so scared. Yeah, I’m more than willing to restrict my behavior to protect my husband’s health.

  2. Oh my, that top photo is absolutely breathtaking, Merril. Such lovely musings….I’ve been watching the baby geese waddle on the shore behind our house. They are so sweet, but the Momma, not so much. 🙂

  3. This is so serene, and it made me feel very close to you, imagining the park full of people and you being the only one to see how wrong it is.
    How is Ricki (I think this one’s Ricki) taking being the only one? Does he miss his brother?

    • Thank you so much, and that is so sweet that you felt close to me–and also that you remember Ricky’s name. ❤️ I think he’s gotten clingier, and follows me around even more than he did. Of course, I haven’t discouraged it either. I think he did wonder what had happened to Mickey, and there must still be objects in the house that still smell like Mickey, but it’s hard to say if he really misses Mickey or not.

  4. Wonderful post, Merril.
    I know what you mean about trying to stay away from people who seem to care not one whit about this situation. Every time I go to do my groceries (I manage only every other week) I come back stressed.
    I adore The Good Fight and I’ve got to check out Picard. A friend has been bingeing all the Star Treks and it has tickled my interest though I am presently watching Fargo (just started season 3) and Goliath (Prime, with Billy Bob Thornton) so maybe I’ll hold off on adding yet another series for now!

    • Thank you so much, Dale!
      I don’t think the people at the park were necessarily not caring. They were mostly staying the 6 ft. apart, but it’s hard to do that walking on a path.
      I’ve only watched the first two episodes of The Good Fight, but I watched The Good Wife regularly when it was on. There’s supposed to be a new season of Fargo, but I think it’s been delayed because of the pandemic. I haven’t seen Goliath. Picard was pretty good, not great, but it fun to see some old faces. I’m enjoying Discovery. Is your friend, Rochelle? I almost commented that she should be in our family when she mentioned getting on her elliptical and watching Deep Space Nine. 🙂

      • My pleasure.
        Ah… Problem is, when there are lots of people, they don’t even realise they get closer and closer. And the rest of us trying to navigate around is a pain. I always breathe easier when I arrive at the quiet places.
        I loved the Good Wife and the Good Fight is really good. Yes. Fargo has been delayed. So far Season 3 is meh compared to the first 2. Goliath is BBT like I’ve never seen him. A once top of the world lawyer now mostly a dunk (old story, I know) with William Hurt as head of a law firm determined to bring him down further. Only watched 2 episodes so far and enjoying it. I watched one episode of Discovery and then forgot about it! Yes! Rochelle is the Trekkie! You shoulda 😉

      • Yes, you’re exactly right. If I can’t go out for a walk early in the morning for a walk, then I don’t go out. My husband doesn’t seem to be as anxious. He’s the one who has been going to the stores. I think he’s eager to get out, even with a mask, etc. 😀 Yeah, I think I remember not liking Season 3 of Fargo as much either.

      • I’m not overly anxious but I don’t want to push my luck, either! The stores are annoying, though less so as people respect more. Yeah… I’m gonna stick with it till the end but so far… meh.

  5. Mornings are still pretty quiet here in the park…though with the weather getting warmer, I’ll have to wait and see. I did try one afternoon walk, but won’t do that again. I only go out once or twice a week anyway. It’s hard to escape contact here in the city. Most people do wear masks though.
    I think you are right to look for the empty places if you can find them. Your photos are very serene.

    • Thank you very much. I think with it getting light earlier and nice weather people are out earlier and also go out throughout the day. But just walking in the neighborhood in the early morning, no one is really out, and I walk in the middle of the street and without a mask. Some of my friends have gone to more remote parks that seem emptier, so maybe one day, we’ll take a drive. I’d still go out early though.

  6. Beautiful, Merril. “Find grace”… I think that’s all we can do right now, and hope that there are more of us doing that than there are those embracing darkness. I think (maybe?) you are finding some of that through your photos lately, especially in the upside-down world of puddles you’ve been photographing. And those found stars! I’m glad that little bit of magic was there for you to find.

    • Thank you so much, Robin.
      The little stars were a fun discovery. I think it’s the walking and looking around so much that’s helping (which probably started last year with all the visits to my mom and the city)–the puddle photos are perhaps a by-product.

  7. Enjoyed your walk report – I’ve mostly just been wandering in my yard – not much exercise, but fresh air, and lots of blooms to photograph. Only one other human out there, except for the parade of daily walk-around-the-blockers … but they stay on the sidewalk, more than 6 feet away. We may don masks and go shop today for a giant pot to replant our Madagascar Palm. Interesting what now feels “risky”!

    • Thank you. I walk pretty quickly–except for when I stop to take photos. 😀 And then I also walk and run in my kitchen while listening to podcasts because I do need the fresh air. Good luck with your excursion, and I hope you find what you’re looking for (or that it’s easy to order and pickup). Yes, you are right about what feels risky now. Sigh.

  8. The verse is lovely, the photos, amazing, the kitty, gorgeous, and the sentiment about the people — identical to my own. I’m glad you were able to get away from the park and enjoy some solitude on the side streets. Stay safe! ❤️

  9. Your poem beautifully conveys the balance between dark and light, shadows and bright glimmers. What’s amazing to me is how easily you seem to do it. Did this poem take you hours? Or a half of one? You have such talent. I just returned from an hour walk in a slow and quiet neighborhood so that I also would not run into anyone nor need to wear a mask. This world is so strange and surreal; the only way to survive it is to look on the side of grace.

    • Thank you so much, Pam. I’m glad you were able to take a walk unmasked, too. Yes, the world is strange and surreal. I can’t see it changing in the near future either. I hope you are doing OK. I’m sure you feel a bit. . .untethered?
      Thank you for your kind words about my poem. For my Monday Morning posts, I usually write them in an hour or two. When we were going out to shows and such, I often had a ready theme. It’s a bit harder now. This one kind of wrote itself once I came back from my walk. Poems that I submit, I might work on for weeks or months–but a few that have been published I did write in a couple of hours.

      • Well, it’s like some of those stories that come out and then after many drafts they’re ready, or it’s like that thing you write, revise, and post. 🤣 It all depends.

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