The Reflected World



Tall Pines State Preserve, May 2020

sky and water meld

in evanescent embrace,

and birds swim with the fish

through green branches,

gilded by light above and below


A gogyohka Frank’s 5-Line Japanese Poetic Forms dVerse Prompt.

My poem was inspired by the photo above that I took this morning during a walk my husband and I took at a state nature preserve that was formerly a gold course.













MTB: 5-Line Japanese Poetic Forms

58 thoughts on “The Reflected World

  1. Lovely! I am more than a little ready to take a walk in nature (beyond my own yard – though I can’t keep up with blooms inside these boundaries) – there is something about not knowing exactly what’ll be up ahead that lures … maybe soon … meanwhile, great looking at your image/lines.

    • Thank you so much. I’ve been walking early in the morning around my neighborhood when there are few people around, but we ventured out to this place–again early, and we only encountered a few people. We didn’t know where we were going, and that was a lure, you’re right!

  2. Ha. I’ve watched my dog walking on clouds over the wet sand – and thought I must write about this doubling of the world or the folding of the world on top of itself – and there you’ve beaten me to it. Bravo.

  3. Enjoy the reflection photos you post, Merril, and the poem and image complement each other well, like sky and water melding. I love the image of birds and fish swimming through green branches!

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