Soar, Crash, Burn, Rise

Monday Morning Musings:

Once my sister and I were chicks,

we sucked honeysuckle from vines,

and danced with bees on hot summer days.


Wild honeysuckle

Then I became many birds. . .


a robin, who sings in morning

a mother goose, swimming with her mate

telling stories to her children




and teaching them to swim and fly.


I became a heron,

standing at the water’s edge

as the frogs jump and ripples



Frog ripples in the upside down world.

flow in expanding circles


like raptors in the sky,

on a quest,

for sustenance–

IMG_5777 2

we all fly this path,


ignoring the owl’s night warning–

danger is coming, danger is here!

We burn


and hope like the phoenix, we’ll rise again.


So, I become the golden peacock, a light-seeker,

even as my many eyes cry for the lost,

I fly to worlds only imagined. . .


imagine them now–


and listen

for my star songs

I give them to you–


reach high,


hold them near your heart,

feel them flutter

with life.




Like most people I’m heartsore and weary. Since November 2016, the majority of Americans have been in shock, but the situation in our country, and in the world, continues to deteriorate. I know I’m fortunate to have a home, a loving husband, daughters, sisters, and friends, and food to eat. I have places where I can walk without fear. But, I’m worn from taking care of my mom, worn from her dying, worn my cat dying, of so many people dying. . .while the lies and the lack of leadership here have led to more deaths. I don’t know how to express all this. There are others who can say it better, but I write in poetry. So this was today, my musing. (Some of the photos come from this week, and some are older photos.)


On an entirely different note because we all need escapes, Merril’s Movie Club:  The Vast of Night, a new movie on Amazon is a lot of fun. We ordered takeout Saturday night and had a movie night. It’s sort of a retro sci-fi movie that pays homage to The Twilight Zone and old sci-fi movies. One review I read said something about how you’ve seen the story lots of times before, but it’s the way it’s told. We both enjoyed it a lot.

We also watched the show Undone on Amazon, and even though I’m not normally a fan of animated shows, this is such a Merril show. I learned that this type of animation is called rotoscoping. The show is funny, profound, weird, moving, and deals with moving through time and space, mental illness, deaf culture, indigenous cultures, family. . .each episode is less than half an hour.






41 thoughts on “Soar, Crash, Burn, Rise

  1. I feel your weariness. It’s all so hard. My uncle just died. He was the sun and the moon to my mum’s sister. I worry she won’t get over it. The world is hard even for people who have everything, love, family, money in the bank. How do the billions manage who have nothing?

  2. Dearest Merril,
    This was beautifully said. As mothers/women we are so many birds, aren’t we? (So much nicer than saying we wear a bunch of hats!)
    I love this. And my heart hurts for you… and for us (we seem to have our own trouble with this supposed peaceful demonstrations that go awry…)

  3. It’s no wonder we’re all exhausted…with the latest week being the 60s all wrapped up in one week…
    And then poems such as yours are birthed.
    Merril, your birds soar each in their own times and places – and offer a message of hope.
    Thank you.

  4. Grieving and weary hearts – double whammies AT the double whammies we’re facing. Or at least being confronted with them … but, somewhere, somehow the birds sing and with those beauties the connection is made. Thanks Merril. Take care.

  5. I just wrote a poem for Sue’s photo prompt about pretending to be a bird…I need to finish the art and later I’ll post. These musings are particularly lovely and apt.
    I agree, the world has gone wrong since Trump was elected. I fear for our future as well as out present. (K)

  6. Pingback: precipice – K.

  7. I love birds, Merril. Your poem speaks to me. I watch and feed a family of hummingbirds in my garden for years. One was born in my backyard. Another one was born this year but I don’t know where. He joined to family to visit to feeders.

    We walked around the lake near by yesterday. So many ducklings were born to different families. I saw one nest on some rocks and looked like the ducklings were hatched not long ago. There were Egyptian geese, Mallard, and other geese and ducks. I stopped to take photos more often then walking… They took me to another world for a while.

    • Thank you, Miriam. It is so much fun to see birds–especially the babies. We haven’t had much luck attracting hummingbirds, but we do have lots of other birds around here. Something is singing outside in my yard right now.
      BTW, in my mom’s generation there were a bunch of Miriams in her family–Charlotte Miriam and Miriam Charlotte.

      • Yeah, Merril, names seem to be popular in different times. I know of many girls named Zoe around here.
        We have many birds singing and I like the soft cooing of the mourning doves. I feed the doves every day. They wait for me perching on the electric wires in late afternoon. That’s the time I feed them. If I just leave the seeds out, the squirrels will eat them.

  8. I not only feel you, I know what you mean.
    In many ways Canadians do look to the USA’s leadership, along with ours.
    Yours sucks. Ours is afraid of yours.

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