Spring Rains and Summer Storms


Birds sing from leafy trees

and verdant banks beside the streams–

from gentle rain in spring a droplet gleams


on iris and rose, and petrichor rises in the air

washed clean, carried on a crisp, fresh breeze

(with pollen that makes us cough and wheeze)


but beautiful the shades of green

in days that lengthen, until the sun’s heat

bakes ground and street.


Summery steam rises in air that’s sticky and thick,

and the sky darkens, the clouds turn black,

as the stormy wind enters, blows pages from their stack,


I close the window when the rain comes—plothering, not pitter-pat,

there’s thunder and lightning, and gusts that sway the trees about–

then the power goes out—


the temperature falls and rises again, the rain clouds part,

and through them, the sun casts a glow

across the sky–look, a double rainbow.


Rainbow at Pitman Golf Club, Pitman, NJ June 2020


For Sarah’s rain prompt on dVerse. Earlier this morning, my husband saw this rainbow at the golf course where he’s working. Later, we got a severe thunderstorm, and our power went out, but it’s been restored. So, I reversed the order for the poem.





53 thoughts on “Spring Rains and Summer Storms

      • Yeah, South Carolina…I think this might be a volatile year for both hurricanes and tornadoes but I’m still hoping we just get tropical storms!
        So I’ll hope you just get dust devils! (I’m from the west, maybe that doesn’t translate to NJ?)

      • Oh, good luck with that! Yeah, I know what dust devils are, but I don’t ever remember it being that dry here. We get hot, humid weather here, so more likely to get hurricanes and tornadoes like you. I’m right across the Delaware from Philadelphia–kind of flat and swampy like much of S.C., I imagine.

      • I know. That’s why I don’t do some prompts. I can’t read them all. I’m on for a prosery prompt soon, so I’ll have to read all of them. 😀

      • I feel compelled to read them all so I have to hold myself back. I’d spend all day on the computer (I already spend way too much time here as it is…)
        Well…. YOURS I just might have to do 😉

      • I feel like I haven’t done anything all day trying to read posts. My dVerse prompt isn’t until next week. Monday? Maybe I better check. I haven’t written it yet. 😀

      • I know! And, not to be bitchy, but I am so done with posts that go on and on about the pandemic. A mention is fine (not really, but yanno, I have to have some compassion) but the on-going whine just kills me. I have taken days off from reading just to give myself a break. Course, I come back coz there are those (like you) I don’t want to miss!

      • Yes, I get it. It’s sort of hard to ignore the pandemic, but at the same time, you don’t want to read about it on and on and on. It’s funny doing my test writing where things like illness, much less pandemics do not exist. 😏 And thank you. Yes, I read yours and certain other people all the time–the people who respond to my posts.

      • It is quasi-impossible. And hey, we’ve all written something in the last three months. It’s the ones who go on an on from post to post. To each his/her own; however, I won’t be reading them.
        Yes, we have our peeps and there are some I follow who don’t follow me and that is quite fine as not everyone who follows me will be followed by me 😉

    • Thank you, Sarah. The rainbow was actually in the morning–there must have been rain there earlier, though not here. Then we had the first round of storms here with the power outage. Then after I posted this, we had more thunderstorms AND a tornado warning, so we sat in the basement for a while.

  1. NJ early summer weather is so similar to New England’s: hot then cold sunny then stormy humid then dry air. And it all settles down on our moods and our wonderings in this volatile world. May we always hope for the rainbow at the beginning AND the end. The world needs that hope.
    Your rainbow photo from the Pitman Golf Course brought back memories, where I waitressed at their (then small ) snack bar/restaurant during my college summers. I even learned to make French Toast there. 🙂

    • Yes, lots of rainbows without the severe storms would be nice. 😀 My daughter and daughter-in-law are finding the weather much nicer in western Mass than in Boston. I knew you lived in Pitman, but I didn’t know (or remember) that you waitressed there, too. My husband just got rehired to work on the grounds (a retirement job), and our younger daughter had her wedding there. They did a beautiful job.

      • Ohh, love knowing that (about you and your family and Pitman connections). I agree – western MA is gorgeous. When it’s winter, it’s really WINTER, and then glorious in the summertime.

      • Younger daughter got married on Independence Day a few years back.
        Older daughter and her wife really like where they are–close to both nature and lots of cool cultural things, too.

  2. OMG!
    This is perfect. the power went out here, and I was back to sewing… stitch.. at … a …time.
    The power came on, and this was here.
    Reversed… maybe, but in the end versed, profoundly!

  3. I enjoy most rain. One year though while out of town we saw the rain clouds over the ocean and didn’t quite make it to safety in time and were soaked to the bone. Thankfully it was summer 😉

    (Thanks for the note about ‘BB’ I wasn’t aware of it -as I attempt to ignore ‘The Great and Doubt-able Twit’ – Again this will be a challenge of the lesser of two evils – I just hope we don’t get a second term of the same germ. – In regards to ‘both’ viruses… )

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