Prose Poem Up in Ekphrastic Review Challenge


Horace Pippin, “The Domino Players,” 1943

Thank you to editor Lorette C. Luzajic for including my prose poem, “Homefront” for this challenge based on Horace Pippin’s “The Domino Players.” I really like this painting, and his work in general. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has several of his paintings. He lived just outside of Philadelphia in West Chester, PA.

I’m also thrilled that Jane Dougherty’s poem is the first poem you read here.

26 thoughts on “Prose Poem Up in Ekphrastic Review Challenge

  1. Yes, you picked out that detail, that it’s all women. Not an ordinary family scene. They’re waiting for news they don’t want to hear. The game is like a divination, will he, won’t he. Good poem.

  2. I loved both Jane’s and your poems, Merril.
    I loved the sense of waiting that you got from the painting and transferred into a wonderful poem.

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