Waiting, Watching, Waking


Odilon Redon, “The Muse on Pegasus”


Born in a dazzle of smoke and ice,

time travelers dancing to the rhythms of the universe,


their songs hold secrets, a symphony un-tongued,


but felt and heard in the wind–

of life, death,

and a longing for love—


the music of lust and light,

why, and if only—


we turn away, when we should linger,


waiting for the storms to end,

and watching for dawn to come,  laughing

waking the morning blooms.


My Saturday collaboration with the Poetry Oracle.



31 thoughts on “Waiting, Watching, Waking

  1. Thank you, Merril and Oracle – this helps me stay the course waiting for whatever comes next with my son (miles and states away) in the aftermath of a major health issue never expected or suspected (and no way a mom is permitted into the hospital to visit, so I sit in my “state” waiting) – with this cue to listen as I linger through this personal storm.

    • Oh gosh! I’m so sorry to hear this news about your son. I hope he’s OK, and that you’ll receive good news soon. It’s always hard to hear troubling news about a loved one, especially when it’s your child, but in the current situation where we can’t be with them, it’s so much worse. I’m glad my words offered you some comfort.

  2. We turn away when we should linger…
    That’s the line that sticks with me. Patience, awareness, listening, waiting…it really is difficult to slow ourselves down.
    And of course that painting! (K)

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