And All Is


Guillermo Gómez Gil, “Moonrise,” Public domain


These storms pound, over and over

the wind screams, the sea moans,

recalling what?


Days of blue sky,

summer friends,

a thousand ships sailing into the mists of time?


And then, if whispers, “please.”


But the moon chants from above

this is could, not always, or never,


they do not see or listen–

we dream of light and beauty. . .

and all is.


My poem from the Magnetic Poetry Oracle.

32 thoughts on “And All Is

  1. There are so many elements in this that I shared in the poem I didn’t publish. The Oracle gave us the same images but with slightly different meanings. Familiar, really. I love how ‘if’ asks nicely, and the moon is so adamant that this is only a possibility.

  2. I love this.. dark and foreboding, dreaming of beauty and light and letting us know that no, we can’t always have it… mind you that also implies that we can have some…

  3. This seems like a sad but hopeful poem: “they do not see or listen–
    we dream of light and beauty. . .”
    These are such stressful times and sometimes I feel so weighed down by the negative, by those who “do not see or listen” and I have to turn away to find “light and beauty.” Perhaps not the meaning you intend (?) but this is how it resonates with me 🙂

    • Thank you, Marie. I think you got it exactly right. (And the Oracle knows.) There is some much awfulness in the world now, and people just spewing hate (as well as disease), and so I feel like I’m torn between that and the beauty that also exists.

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