Shifted Sands


Ocean City, NJ June 2020


Great women

often forgotten,

and their marks


till their footprints are erased–

still their ghosts whisper



with knowledge we’ve lost,

unseen and

swept away,

their hidden figures buried

in the sands of time.


A double shadorma  for Colleen’s tanka Tuesday challenge. Pat R.’s theme asked us to consider Longfellow’s “Psalm of Life” poem and/or use it as a source of found poetry. Well, you can see what that poem does to me. 😏

31 thoughts on “Shifted Sands

  1. This might sound crazy, but more women need to be pictured on money. Money talks, in our stupid (sometimes wonderful) world. As long as all rich, powerful white and dead men are the ones on the almighty buck (my mom’s expression) they are the ones in control.
    I’m Canadian. I know of 1 black woman on our $. The $10.00 bill. (A big deal, but we need to go much further) Are there any women, black men/women on your money?

    Very provocative poem. Love it!

    • Thank you. No, there are no Black women or men on U.S. currency. Harriet Tubman, a genuine hero, was supposed to replace racist Andrew Jackson (the president who authorized the Trail of Tears for the Cherokee) on our $20 bill, but then Trump happened, so that didn’t. 😡

      • Right! Harriet should be on a $ bill!
        History is great to know, to learn from. Oddly, many don’t give a damn.
        Wonderful poem!

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