Looking at Yesterday, Seeing Tomorrow

Monday Morning Musings:

“Sunrise, sunset,
Swiftly fly the years,
One season following another,
Laiden with happiness and tears.”

–from Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick, “Sunrise, Sunset,” Fiddler on the Roof (1964)

After thousands of sunrises and sunsets

the years fly quickly,

faster now, summer turns to autumn,

spring tears fall and shoots appear–

winter snow glitters on our heads.


Once I was a turtle,

slowly walking across a road

I hid my head from others

though I showed off my lovely carapace,

then you took me from my shell


and brought me into the world of people.

I showed you the world of books and art,

introduced you to exotic turtle food

and we played and burrowed deep,

into our blanket nest.


Our children were fawns

long-legged, shy, and fey,

until their camouflaging spots faded,

and then they sang the songs of birds

and gathered the wisdom of owls


tossing words, pitching music, and beaming light

into the world–

sometimes it was reflected back

in all the colors of the universe,

bringing love.



And now?

The water calls to me in rivers, streams, and oceans,

I sometimes carry the heavy weight of my shell,

but you share the burden,

and when I look at my reflection,



I see worlds beyond worlds–

the absurdity of the upside-down,

the glowing rays of a double sun

the promise of all the ifs,

and the hope in infinite possibilities stretching to forever.


I do not look to yesterday but walk into the future.


We celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary a few days ago, but we’ve known each other since ninth grade. To celebrate, we went to Ocean City, NJ and walked on the beach for a couple of hours in the morning, avoiding people as best we could. Then later we went on our first real outing since March. We went to a winery for our anniversary dinner, where we sat outside physically distanced from the other patrons, and after a brief thunderstorm, we enjoyed wine, pizza, and gelato. I think we were both a bit giddy to be out. I put my mask back on whenever our masked server came to the table.

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Merril’s Movie Club: Back to more obscure Merril films. Both are on Netflix. We watched See You Yesterday, which we both really liked. All of the acting is excellent, especially the two engaging leads who portray brilliant Black teens hoping to get scholarships to good universities—a future. But this is very much a Black Lives Matter film, and they attempt to change the past. Playing on the theme, Michael J. Fox has a cameo appearance.

We also watched Bulbul, an Indian horror film—though it’s not a jump out of your seat horror. It’s more of a dark fable with beautiful cinematography.  It deals with a child bride and her life as an adult in her husband’s household, where her best friend is her brother-in-law. There is a tale of a demon/goddess who lives in the trees and swoops down to attack men at night. The story is retold throughout the movie. We both liked it, though I think I liked it more than my husband did.











47 thoughts on “Looking at Yesterday, Seeing Tomorrow

  1. The poem is beautiful, made me come over quite emotional 🙂 I’m so pleased you had a good day, but anyone who sees the images in your photos can’t help but have many good days 🙂

  2. What a beautiful poem, Merril, and Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. I’d be giddy, too, to get out and celebrate after being cooped up. We celebrated our 31st in January, just in time. 🙂 Wishing you many more years of the happiness that shines through in your lovely photos.

    • Thank you very much, Lauren, and a belated happy anniversary to you. We tried to take all precautions–I’m afraid things may close down again because people don’t–but it was fun to get out.

  3. What a lovely poem and how wonderful that you could celebrate your anniversary. 42 years of marriage! I get excited when I think how Greg and I have been married for almost 31 years and inseparable for 34, but he always points out that our first date was 37 years ago and I got his eye a couple of years before that … lol. The years add up. And thank you for sharing your photos. The blue tux!!!

    • Thank you very much, Marie. I was excited we could get out, too, and it was such a lovely day. I know–70s fashion. 😀. But our older daughter wore my gown (slightly refashioned) when she got married. I don’t know if you’ve seen those photos–but we call it “our gown.”

  4. So wonderful to see this collage Merril with the accompanying words! They say the first 42 years are the hardest – Happing wedding anniversary to you both – and then it’s downhill on the breeze all the way – 🙂

  5. Merril, Happy anniversary! I’m so delighted that you wore a mask, that you socially distanced and enjoyed your special day in a special way. Righteous!
    I watch the news from the USA, and am very worried about my family to the south.
    I’m worried about me, my beloved and all here.
    You see, I was a turtle when I was young. I still am in many ways.
    Turtles know that patience is a virtue.

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