Two Poems in Twist in Time

I’m so excited to have two history poems up in the most recent issue of Twist in Time magazine. And my poet friend Luanne Castle has a creative nonfiction essay in it, too!

You should read the whole issue, but here are links to my poems, SS St. Louis, 1939 and Salem, 1692. 

37 thoughts on “Two Poems in Twist in Time

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  2. Such rich poems. I don’t know enough of History myself to author such inspired poems, but I certainly adore the idea of it. To inhabit the entire aura of not only a different being, but a different era, and customs. At times, the entire fabric of how the world is perceive ought to change, and that equilibrium, knowing what to keep in order to be human and what to change — since humans are incredibly celeritous at change — must be a challenge of great enrichment. It was a pleasure to read you.

    • Thank you very much for reading, and for leaving me such a thoughtful and kind comment. It is interesting sometimes to put oneself into another time and place so totally different.

  3. So excited to see your two poems in this beautiful poetry online magazine. They speak of different times- each a different voice- and each mesmerizing in the story they tell. Many congrats.

  4. Those are very touching poems. History at the hands of a poet teaches, slightly. Enough to want to review history, from which we may learn something, anything!

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