Celebrate. . .but


Sunrise, Pitman Golf Course, June 2020



but listen–

not to the naked fool.



but not the dark brews

of pseudo-science and demagogues.


Celebrate and drink 

in the dazzling beauty of sky, sea, and flowers

that bloom and dance in the breeze.


Listen for good,

for healing and laughter,

for all the ifs


time offers


a window open to always,

never, and ever after

reflected in the glass,


past and future

in a brilliant cloud,



leaving a trace in the air,

like perfume, I breathe in

the scent of caramel and coffee


that floats,

like a smile of, for



My message from the Oracle. She does love the Puente form, even though she likes to play with it.

It’s Independence Day here in the U.S., the fourth of July, when we celebrate the anniversary of when the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The Oracle is obviously disgusted with the display the current and supremely ignorant inhabitant of the White House decided to put on last night, where he played to the basest of his base.


38 thoughts on “Celebrate. . .but

  1. Good message. What’s clear is that some people will never fit into her world where the sky and trees and the scent of flowers are more important than jingoistic vulgarity. I didn’t see any of the trumpery. We have our own daft political soaps going on.

    • Thank you. Yes, you’re right.
      Last night he insisted on having a display at Mt. Rushmore, barging past Native American protestors (it’s their land), going in non-masked and insisting masks are not necessary, delivered a message full of hate against anyone who opposes him, and then insisted on fireworks, despite the fire dangers. More military displays scheduled for tonight. Sorry you have your own daft political loonies. Sigh.
      Happy Anniversary! I’m off to read yours now.

      • I’m surprised nobody has tagged Mount Rushmore already. I suppose it’s very well guarded. Nothing that man does surprises me, and it’s sad but I won’t be surprised if he gets reelected in November. The world is full of violent cretins.
        Our silliness has been sorted out finally. It was over the mayoral elections that were held last Sunday and they still hadn’t sorted out who was going to be mayor. The left/green coalition needed just a handful of votes to have an outright majority but the leader of one of the groups ex-socialist with less than 3% of the votes was refusing to put her 8 seats in the balance behind the left wing coalition unless she was made deputy mayor, threatening to give her seats to the coalitions of the right and far right. In the end she backed down today (after some of her own group refused to support her) and now Marseille the second French city has a left/green mayor like almost all the major French cities.

      • There are fears that even if he’s not re-elected, he’ll refuse to step down. It’s getting even scarier here.
        I’m glad your silliness was sorted out. I wonder how things would work if we had coalition governments here. Or if we could get a no confidence vote. 😏

      • A coalition of like-minded groups ought to work well, better than proportional representation that they have in some countries like Italy where there is never one party with enough votes to have a majority. Governments fall every few months. Local elections are important here, more so than the legislative elections where candidates are chosen by parties and parachuted in to places where nobody knows them.
        Getting the generals to give Trump a vote of no confidence sounds like a good idea right now. If he has the army behind him he can do what he likes 😦

  2. And what a naked fool he is. Indeed, he is playing to the basest of his base. His base will be what it is; it’s the so-called fence-sitters, the so-called moderate Rs that I’m watching. Their “buyer’s remorse” may be what keeps him from getting a 2nd term. I read recently that a coalition of moderate Rs formed a PAC to support Biden for president. Some of these Rs served in the Bush administration. Also, Biden (for now anyway) seems to be raking in more donations than Trump. The theory I’m embracing is that the more Trump plays to the basest of his base, the more he’ll lose those moderate Rs that voted for him in 2016. Given this latest scandal with alleged Russian bounties on US troops, I don’t know if he’ll have the backing of the military should he lose in November. Definitely he will not want to leave the White House because he’ll lose everything once he steps out that door. He’ll no longer be of any use to Putin, for sure, and of less use to anyone but his base. I also think he might be facing various civil, maybe even criminal, charges once he becomes a citizen. He has much to be afraid of, should he lose the election. Yes, we have much to be afraid of too since he has pulled back the veil on the basest of us: the white nationalists in the military, the fascists in the police departments, the soullessness of too many in Congress. And yet I feel hopeful. Not complacent, just hopeful. I think the ongoing peaceful protests that resulted from George Floyd’s death renewed my faith in humanity as well as the grumblings from older white voters who don’t like how the naked fool is handling (or not handling) the pandemic. I have to be optimistic. What is life without Hope?

    • Yes, the moderate Rs who are FINALLY speaking out against him, give me hope. The PAC you mentioned has already put out at least one ad (I’ve seen it on FB), and the Lincoln Project has put out several ads. I hope there is. A LOT of buyer’s remorse. A FB friend has regularly been saying how terrible our governor is and I’ve seen anti-Dem stuff from her friends, but then she says how wonderful Hamilton is. I wanted to say–did you really listen to it? 😀. I hope there are a lot of people who are fed up and vote for Biden. I’m just afraid dt will try to stay in office no matter what.

  3. The Oracle knows what’s important. But there are too many deaf ears.
    My heart bleeds for the continued desecration of sacred Native lands by ignorant and greedy white men and their enablers. (Why don’t they just go back to where their immigrant ancestors came from anyway?)
    I do think no matter how the election goes Trump will refuse to leave. I shudder to think of all his supporters out on the streets with their automatic weapons murdering our country. I truly believe anyone who still supports him is insane and will absolutely take their guns out and just start shooting. (K)

      • Have you not seen my million posts about it? 🤣 I’ll probably mention it tomorrow, but it’s on Disney+. Can you get that in Canada? I just subscribed for the monthly plan (about $7.00) that I will probably cancel after a month, since there’s not much on Disney that I want to watch.

      • I am sooooo behind on my reading! My inbox is HUUUUUGGGGEEEE. This working shit is taking up valuable time, yanno.
        Ah. No. I won’t be doing that (though I could).

  4. I did drink, but not the darkest brew. I raised a glass to the USA, the one I knew.
    AHH, What’s that I smell? Caramel and coffee, seems I know you, and you are still here. Love you!

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