Embrace It



In shadow dreams,

the moon whispers, honey-voiced,

of wonders and if

love comes like a summer storm


embrace it–


but bring a cat–

and champagne–

for time circles

haunted by almost and never—

through open windows—look, listen

as the universe laughs

in sparkling light


a spray of diamonds on velvet,

beyond reach, but constant.


It took some time to get my message from the Oracle today–though she was very clear about the cat and champagne.






40 thoughts on “Embrace It

  1. Our poems are similar give or take the anguish at the beginning. We both had moon shadows, and drinking! Why not champagne? And we both ended up with the laughing stars. Laughing stars is quite a coincidence 🙂

  2. A honey-voiced moon can be intoxicating… add the champagne, summer storm and sparkling light and who knows what will happen?
    Lovely, as always!

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