In the Vast Before


NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from Greenbelt, MD, USA [Public domain]

With a dazzle dance, a star is born

to linger into the when 

and what of time

do they know or remember?


And does a ghost eye eternity

with darkness or cool calm?

If is the faint trace of a kiss,


~in the vast before~


there was a laughing breeze

that healed hearts–

open a window—


look for the brilliant cloud,

a pink blush wrapped in blue,

carrying the magic of ever

and after, reach for its shadows and light.


Another variation on the puente form from the Oracle.

24 thoughts on “In the Vast Before

  1. She definitely wants us to look at the larger picture today. Perhaps it is the comet. Suzanne wrote a whole post about it yesterday. Follow the light. (K)

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