Gray and still,

heron stands silent

in shadowed

woods; magic,

nature’s grace creates–and I

am gladly bewitched


by beauty,

quiet elegance

of creatures

birds and deer

caring nothing for me, yet

wanting existence.


Do they know

love–or is it fear

that guides their

daily lives?

Mother bird cares for her chicks,

perhaps that’s enough.


A shadorma sequence for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday challenge. I saw a heron, deer, and turkeys today during my morning walk. I struggled to get the prompt words in, and then it seemed to need more. I think I was ready to just keep on going with this to see where I’d end up, but I’m sure readers are happy I did not. 😏







37 thoughts on “Observations

  1. I, for one, would not have complained had to gone one further 😉
    This was lovely. Every time I come upon a heron, I just stand in awe..

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