The Universe in Motion


Comet Hale-Bopp Attribution: Philipp Salzgeber / CC BY-SA 2.0 AT (

Born before our before,

traveling till after our after,

ice and dust of timeless time,


the molecules of cosmic gases,

atoms of our world, forever

and after


the comet revolves through space

around the sun–our shining star–

our light-filled center, we circle it


year after year, through revolutions,

revelations in art, technology, war

to peace and back to war, revolve, resolve


to see this ball of light,

the icy comma tail–

it comes and goes


and we continue, revolving

electrons within us spin,

looking to connect


to something,

We’re attracted, we’re repulsed–

between darkness and light,






I’m hosting dVerse Poetics today. The prompt is revolution.Come join us!

49 thoughts on “The Universe in Motion

  1. The occasional repetitions (such as before, after, revolving) are like echoes through the universe, Merril, bouncing back and forth through time and space. I love ‘timeless time’, the way ‘revolutions’ become ‘revelations’, and that ‘icy comma tail’.

  2. I just love the theme and imagery of the planets and space in a revolution context. Such fantastic imagery and beautifully entwined words. Very powerful.

  3. A perfect illustration of your prompt; yes, many of you are embracing cosmic consciousness, and I really dig it. As the world goes-to-hell-in-a-handbasket, it is healthy to look within and without, beyond the chaos and death.

  4. kaykuala

    We’re attracted, we’re repulsed–
    between darkness and light,

    A feeling of movements very apparent here, Merril, attracted and repulsed alternating between them.


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