Still Soaring

Monday Morning Afternoon Musings:


Between the misty amethyst

and the brilliant blue—there’s a pause

in the morning’s soft pink music, a rest


Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield, National Park, NJ, shortly after sunrise. July 2020 ©️ Merril D. Smith 2020


before the restart of staccato cardinal chirps,

the flute of robin trills,

and the crescendo of crow caws


burst through the feathered clouds,

with the bright blue of belonging—

here and now


Delaware River, West Deptford, NJ. ©️Merril D. Smith, 2020


I walk

along the day’s determined path,

yet debating


both path and determined,

the ifs, whens, and whys

of going further, beyond


I found an almost hidden path.

to find something else


like words within


waiting to be spoken.


“Eat chocolate,” my sisters say,

and share the thought of our mother’s laugh

echoing from the past,


flowing like a river through time,

all the versions of me and you,

the world


in both the radiance of the sun

and the silvery shimmer of the moon,
pale blue and green,


and when I wish upon the ghost glow

of a thousand stars

I feel the dust of dreams


within and without,

as feathers fly from the sky

to land at my feet in trails of white light


silent, at rest,

here, now

bits of something larger, still soaring.

A late edition of my Monday musings. I think Jane and I challenged each other to use the Love set of tiles from the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. The Oracle and I once again collaborated, with more inspiration from my morning walks.

I’ve been baking with summer fruit, but I do indeed have a chocolate stash.


Merril’s Movie Club: We watched Radioactive (Amazon Prime, 2020), a new movie about Marie Curie. I wanted this to be wonderful, but it wasn’t. It was OK, but she was such a brilliant woman, and this, sadly, is not a movie that shines. We also watched Straight Up(Netflix), a sort of rom com where a young man who may be gay, but isn’t sure, finds his soul mate is a woman. It was enjoyable, but not great.

So we went back to darker stuff: we started watching Bordertown, a Finnish series on Netflix. So far, it’s very good. I like “Scandi-noir,” and shows that explore family life as well as the crimes.






46 thoughts on “Still Soaring

  1. “and when I wish upon the ghost glow

    of a thousand stars

    I feel the dust of dreams“
    Wow! This took my breath away, Merril. Just beautiful. I’m an m&m aficionado, too! I’ve enjoyed your baking posts on ig:)

  2. I love that wooden path. There was a persistent cardinal on my walk this morning. I could never catch sight of him, but he was loud. I should vary my walks…I could go down below in the park sometimes…but somehow the familiar path is comforting. And the robins would miss me! (K)

  3. Very beautiful, Merril. I’m sorry about the movies, though. They do sound disappointing. I haven’t been watching much lately, although I am following the new Perry Mason series. Sort of silly, but it gives a nod to the 30s noir style that is fun.

  4. Often I think of your musings as a gentle tide, back and forth. The tone of this one is steadier. It moves along more like a river than a tide and the Oracle inspired some lovely phrases (of course) 🙂

  5. A hidden path is always a wonderful find. This is so beautiful in so many ways, even in the tinges of what feels like grief. M&M’s! I think they are part of what is keeping me sane lately. 🙂

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