What Then?



Above the Clouds at Sunrise, Frederic Church


Some days are like a drunk goddess

in delirious abandon


toppled her glass,

sending red and pink streams


to drift like rose petals amidst

brilliant blues and greens–


until the clouds gather in grey-browed fury

and the sea roars,


~what then,~


sings the universe,

what comes next?


What will your ferocious heart



as time dances

through if and when–


will you remember the slow smile of twilight,

the kiss of flower-perfumed air?


My message from the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. She likes to mix some humor in her warnings.

23 thoughts on “What Then?

  1. This actually reminds me of the last stanza of my August 2020 poem (the previous one to the Oracle). I love the first 2 lines here. And She loves color, and has been sending us a lot of it. (K)

  2. Lovely πŸ™‚ Your poem reminds me of a too-gorgeous-for-words sunset my husband and I watched a few years ago in Savannah, GA. We were on the other side of the river of the city, my husband doing a time-lapse of the sunset. What a riot of color! But I do love the “slow smile of twilight.”

  3. The goddess has been drunk quite a bit lately. She’s been showing off colours all over the place.
    I love the “slow smile of twilight” – perfection because it does just that, doesn’t it…

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