The Color of Truth


Low tide, blue mood. Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield ©️Merril D. Smith 2020

Monday Morning  Afternoon Musings:

The fiddler’s notes float

through the village as he stands,

one foot on the roof, balancing

life and death– all the celebrations between,

colored by love and loss–


Marc Chagall, “The Fiddler,” 1912


blue moon, blood moon, silver moon

sighs and whispers

in a thousand tongues, but

a million ears do not listen–

her voice joins the fiddle notes


that hum in the background—

do you hear it?

Crow calls a warning,

heed the past,

beware the future


Crow caws from the chimney of the Whithall House, Red Bank Battlefield, National Park, NJ


the red sky of morning

hinting of the storm ahead

the indigo and grey-shadowed ripples

lighten to azure as the sun rises—

colored by time, tides, and perception,


Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield

our expectations of what is real,

changed not always by what is there,

but what we are told–

there is no plague, there is no famine,

the leader loves his people


(like a wolf loves a lamb), perhaps

 I make connections

between what is, what was, and

what might be

when there is no connection—


the sky is simply red,

like the summer flowers

an intensity of the dying season—

verdant woods, vibrant blooms

against the bluest sky,


black birds flock in murmurations

telling the truth

that life goes on

in cycles of pain, gain,

the black and blue that fades, the blood red


we drink, fruit of the vine

sun-ripened, bursting with intensity

we listen, laugh, love

the ones we’re with, love others from afar

in all the colors we see


beauty, life



soaring high

with feathered hope, even if it falls,



we may see the reflection–

upside-down the world still glows

we swim toward the light

float amid clouds,

watch azure turn violet, indigo, midnight blue,


Cloud Reflections on the Delaware River at West Deptford, NJ ©️Merril D. Smith 2020



and then, and still,

an apricot glow appears above the horizon,

a blush of pink spreads across the east,

our pale blue dot rolls on,

the colors of truth, immutable, forever for this world.


Merril’s Movie Club: We watched Mr. Jones (2019). I don’t think this one made it to theaters near us before the pandemic; we watched it on Amazon Prime (slight fee). It’s probably available on other streaming platforms, as well. My husband and I both enjoyed this one very much. It stars James Norton as Welsh journalist Gareth Jones, who tried to tell the world about Stalin in the 1930s, even as others were covering it up. Supposedly, he and his story were the inspiration for George Orwell’s Animal Farm, though that doesn’t really add much to the story.

This week has been packed with wild stories by you-know-who and his followers. Demon sex, aliens, and “thoughts” of rescheduling the election. . . If this took place in a movie, it would be considered too ridiculous.

The Oracle and the world seem full of color right now, but I find connections in odd places. Before watching the movie, I listened to an interview with Welsh actor Matthew Rhys. I don’t have HBO, where he is now starring in a new version of Perry Mason, but I loved The Americans. On that show, he played a Russian spy posing as an American. I was always struck by the extra layer of having a Welsh actor in the role, and he did mention that in the interview. So, for me, there were connections in this interview and movie about Welsh men, truth, lies, deception, Russia, and governments.

Our younger daughter—sommelier in training—did a virtual wine tasting with us on Friday night. Her husband was there for the beginning, but was taking care of pets during the screen shot.






















38 thoughts on “The Color of Truth

    • Thank you, Marian. The storm has left your area, but we have a tropical storm warning now.
      Yes, she passed the first part of the certification. She was working part-time at a winery, but she can’t right now in the current circumstances.

  1. You’re still getting so much colour! And the fiddler on the roof too. That film marked me as a kid and I see connections to it everywhere. One day I’m going to have a house with a staircase going nowhere just for show 🙂

  2. Morning, afternoon, evening – we’ll take you whenever you are ready 😉
    Fiddler on the Roof – My friends and I were supposed to see it last month but it got put off till January 2021… and they then cancelled it completely. 😦
    Oh well. We have all your lovely colours to enjoy!

    • Thanks so much, Dale.
      Jane and I were discussing Fiddler, so it was in my mind. You can always revisit the movie. . .not the same, but still enjoyable. We have a two paid for theater series on hold right now.

    • Thank you very much, Luanne.
      There is really nothing in our town, which is not even really a town, except the park at the river, and lots of greenery around. The one bright spot of the pandemic is all the walking I’ve done and finding beautiful sites in my area.

  3. Crow, the fiddler on the roof–there are plenty of voices sounding their warnings. And yet, as you say, the Oracle sees the color around us at the same time. It will be there whether we save ourselves or not. And to enjoy what we do have, the Joy’s that still color our worlds…yes. (k)

  4. Such a beautiful coordination of words and images, so perfectly presented.
    The storm though predicted to pass over our east coast missed us, I am seeing some if it’s destruction further up through the Carolinas and flooding in Pa. I hope you are fine and spared this storm. 🌼

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment on the poem, and your very kind thoughts, as well.
      We did have the storm–with some strong winds, but honestly not as bad at our house as some places. Apparently though the river did overflow the banks, and there was trash all over the park that worker were raking up early this morning. Some people lost power. I know there was more flooding in Philadelphia–and tornados in Delaware.

      • You are always welcome because it’s always a joy to read you!
        Philly got some terrible flooding, that’s very strange. The tornadoes are so frightening!
        I was on Merritt Island and we barely got wind gusts thankfully. I was worried about the storm surge but was counting on it not gaining strength. I would definitely be moving inland in a hurricane and I think we are going to have our share this year.

      • Thank you again. I wasn’t sure exactly where you were, but I’m glad you didn’t get much from this storm. Yes, I imagine an island is not a good place to be in a hurricane. Stay safe, Rene!

      • Thank you Merril, I would definitely head for the mainland in hurricane conditions. It’s amazing the destruction what this storm, a cat 1, has done across the country.

  5. Fab piece!
    That was a wonderfully wonderful journey through a pretty neat world.
    Love the Chagall!
    Great family/friends ties. You are very fortunate. I am, too!

  6. There was something almost meditative and soothing about this, Merril. Thank you. It was a good way to start my day. 🙂
    Demon sex and aliens? Maybe I should start paying more attention to the news. I somehow missed that. I’m not sure I can be surprised by anything, anymore, given the nightmare of just having that creature squatting in the White House.

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