Beneath the Storm Clouds



Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield

Beneath the storm clouds

purple mist shrouds the horizon,

as cool winds blow away summer dreams

to rain into the ocean, vast and timeless

leaving a breath of perfume


~drifting in the air~


pink fish fly, and you wonder what if,

as you watch the sun with his dazzle-tongue

paint gold across a fresh blue canvas,

while diamonds sparkle on ruby-red petals,

ephemeral jewels—a smile remembered.



Another puente from the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. She knows about the storms here, of course. Every day the sky seems to go from grey to blue to grey again. We’ve been fortunate–all around us, people have lost power and faced flooded homes, roads, and business. Last night though, the storm got a bit scary with lots of thunder and lightning and a tornado warning.

37 thoughts on “Beneath the Storm Clouds

    • Thanks, Jill. Last night the storms were scarier to me than the other day when we were having the tropical storm–lots of lightning, and yes, I can do without the tornado warnings, too!!

  1. Now I know why we got the grey cloud formation late evening when no cloud was forecast at allβ€”an echo of your storms πŸ™‚
    The Oracle loves metaphors using pink petals and diamonds. These are lovely!

  2. The weather is beyond changeable skies…we have had those storms too. Yesterday we lost power, but only for a bit. The Oracle loves color, and gave you some peaceful words to keep the storms at bay. (K)

  3. Your weather is like ours. In one day we have gone from sunshine, to storm clouds, to a sheet of rain falling, back to sunshin… nuts.
    I agree with everyone, this puente is perfect.

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