Is it All?


Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night Over the Rhone


Is it all

a dark dance? Fools laugh

from a vast


hearts or brain? I remember

stars’ light lingers long–


time’s magic

seen after it’s gone–



loss and embraced balanced, moon-

aches and pink roses


beneath a blue sky–

both ifs existing

in time and

in dreams, we

soar through diamond-sprayed skies, sing

with stars. Shine, reborn.



My message from the Oracle in a Shadorma sequence, also for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday challenge. 





36 thoughts on “Is it All?

  1. Sorry, I’m very behind. Have second daughter staying over the weekend and she will go back to Bordeaux with the youngest, so it’s our last few days with her before she goes back to college.
    I think the sense of our poems touch. The questioning what it’s all for, and is life really all fun and games for a few. We need to remember that the soaring among the stars is what we used to dream of and hang onto it.

    • Nothing to be sorry about! I’m always behind on reading. 😀 That’s lovely that you can see your daughter. Our all the schools back to normal? There’s so much going on about schools opening here. Yes, you are right about the questioning and remembering.

      • The second and third daughters think they have had the Covid. It’s just the cost of the train ticket that keeps them from visiting more often.
        Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen about the schools especially as the young ones are going down with the virus now that they’ve decided they have earned time off for good behaviour. The youngest is going to be there for the theoretical start of classes, however they decide to organise them.

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