Loneliness of the Night Hawk


Edward Hopper, Nighthawks, 1942


Tomorrow, after parachuting into France, we may never see each other again. My nights will carry a new loneliness, of being someone else, Night Hawk. Already, I look different. My mouth is unfamiliar with my American dental work removed. I own only carefully mended French-made clothing and shoes. We risk our lives to save others–and we carry suicide pills to take if we’re caught. I must learn to dream in French.

Last night, we finally gave in to desire. Swooping in like raptors, we grabbed and held each other. Last night our kisses and caresses expressed what there are no words for—that when it is over, said and done, it was a time. And there was never enough of it. Someday, perhaps. For now, our memories, like this letter, must be tucked away in a locked drawer, and kept for the future.


I’m continuing with my spy and Edward Hopper collaboration for the dVerse Prosery Prompt that I’m hosting.We’re using the line I have italicized from Allison Adelle Hedge Coke’s, “A Time.”  Come join us, if you’re so inclined, for a bit of flash fiction, no longer than 144 words.



78 thoughts on “Loneliness of the Night Hawk

  1. Edward Hopper is great for creative writing – I used ‘Nighthawks’ a lot when I was teaching and got some great pieces from my students. I love your romantic spies, making the most of it before they parachute into France! I love the detail of the European teeth, the carefully mended French-made clothing and shoes – and the suicide pills, which I hope they didn’t have to take.

  2. Wow, this is very brilliant and creative. I can feel the longing here in the details and it is heartbreaking. It’s also like a thriller. I would love to see even more of this!

  3. You big tease–you sprinkle spy dust and intrigue and WWII into a 144 word blurb, getting us all revved up, then “poof”, it’s over.

  4. Whoooosh! ❤️ You swept me away with your captivating images and sweet blend of adventure, eros and action. I so love your way with words!

    Thank you for the glorious prompt! 🙂

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  6. Pingback: The Problem is You Think You Have Time | A Dalectable Life

  7. I’ve just read “The world that we knew” by Alice Hoffman – a great read. You took me back to that world of intensity, fear and passion. I love a bit of Hopper, too. You can feel the backstory here, even though you don’t tell it, it adds weight to this small piece.

    • Thank you so much, Sarah. That’s a lovely comment. I appreciate that.
      I liked The World That We Knew very much–and I bought it for my older daughter. Such a different take on the golem, too.

  8. This jogged my memory of a long-ago Cuban roommate who was trying to master English. She awoke one morning, enthusiastic and joyful, exclaiming “Last hight I dreamed in English!” That aside, I loved your flash fiction!.

  9. This showed up in my search result for French course study. It was unexpected but a pleasant surprise, and intriguing read. Well done!

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