The Light of Someday


Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 4.03.56 PM

Cry, it is

the light leaving. You

sleep to the

rails’ rhythm

singing lonesome blues. You hear,

you’ll never return.



But maybe

you will, someday, healed

of what was–

after trails,

sea, stars share their magic, heart-

haunted you’ll live on.


This is a shadorma sequence for Colleen’s Photo Challenge, and also for Open Link Night at dVerse, where Linda is hosting. This is my first post with the new editor. So, I hope it all worked out. 




63 thoughts on “The Light of Someday

  1. The post looks good to me. I am learning it a little at a time. It will be fine. Now, to the poem. I have always loved trains and rail trips and to me, the sound of a train whistle at night and the rumble of it going off into the distance – that is the same feeling from this poem. A mix of sadness and hope.

    • Thank you so much, Claudia. That’s just what I felt when I was writing it–sadness and hope. Trains are so evocative–there’s so much history, good and bad, images, music–as well as the sounds themselves.

  2. I mean I am learning the new editor a little at a time, not your post! Though it would be worth it to memorize and be able to repeat it to yourself at night, say, it’s a nighttime/ day’s end type of poem, I feel.

  3. I read your poem several times, trying to decide if I prefer the first stanza on its own or both together. I decided that either way is equally effective. I think the fact that the poem asked me to stop after the first stanza before moving on added to the reading experience. This is a long-winded way of saying I really enjoyed the poem!

  4. This was a lovely poem, Merril and kudos to you for using the new editor. I refuse to. Then again, I’ve been using the admin panel since day one so I’ll never be forced to change.

  5. You cracked it 🙂
    There’s something sad about railway tracks, not sure why, because they lead away maybe. The melancholy comes over strongly, with those if and when and maybe words.

  6. Merril congratulations on vanquishing the beast of the new editor. Your wistful poem tells of so many emotions, the leaving of home on the heroes’ journey and the (possible) return from it.

  7. The enjambment imposed on the shadorma creates a hauntingly beautiful rickety feel to the rhythm, like the ghost of a train that can’t quite find purchase on the tracks. It fits well with the meaning and feel of this lovely poem. We live on, our hearts haunted by what we have seen and who we have touched in our travels. luvs this. 🙂

  8. Shadorma are so expressive! I kept thinking about the old saying about how you can never go back home… the passage of time changes our perspectives. You captured that essence so well. “Heart-haunted…” I love this! ❤

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