Almost: Before or After

Are we almost at after?

The lies of fevered fools still fly high,

fiddling as the world burns, aches, screams

and shadow figures whisper more and faster

the ferocious fight for air,

for a breath

you listen for if in the poetry of rose-tipped dawns,

when the sky smiles through clouds in bird-voiced joy,

here the scent of coffee, a cat at the window

gazing at the light of beyond, and maybe

there will be more


of peace

of perfumed breezes from blue-green oceans

of brilliant color in the darkness,

the echo of star-music, whose rhythm beats in our hearts,

recalling the before.

Today’s message from the Oracle. A double-puente, I suppose. I can’t get the spacing right.

22 thoughts on “Almost: Before or After

  1. We had the same images, the same ideas! For once you developed the violent, angry side and I just alluded to it.
    I love your opening lineβ€”made me think of Are we nearly there yet?
    And I also had a problem with the spacing πŸ™‚

  2. Beautifully done. We so want it to be after, don’t we? And yet, you still manage to find the beauity in the little things,.
    And kudos to you for sticking with learning the block… Should you get fet up, you can always create from the Admin page – it’s what I’ve been doing since Day 1,

    • Thank you so much. I’m so frustrated and angry with all that’s going on –and the stupid people. But there is still so much beauty in the world.
      I may check out that option! πŸ˜€

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