Odilon Redon, Panneau décoratif










A signpost

symbol-scarred but faint,

faded from

time’s passage.

But on your heart, ancestors

created a map


of past words

and worlds, crisscrossed, or



possibilities exist—

light-time blends and bends


and you know

the road circles round

with tangled,

never straight lines.

There –the traces of stars’ dust

shimmers at your feet.


Now has passed,

the future’s ahead

like headlights

on night roads,

a guide. Turn into the spin,

drive to tomorrow.


This is for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday where the theme word is map. Ken’s poem inspired mine. I had intended to write a gogyohka in response, but instead ended up with another shadorma sequence, which is not exactly a response, but when I read his,  I thought of signposts.













33 thoughts on “Signpost

  1. But it is a response. There are signs, when we know where to look, that remind us of options that were available to those in our past while leaving us open to make our own choice.

  2. Really lovely! We are not the sum of our past, but there is stardust when we look back. We press on, a blend of all that has ever been within us, moving forward. It is there we find that the starlight waits for us in every passing day…

  3. For me, the whole poem comes together on “Turn into the spin.” I assume it’s the same as steering in the direction of the skid on snow or ice, that if you try to steer in the opposite direction, you will go off the road–as counter intutitive as it seems.

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