Moon Dreams

In their dreams, they sleep with the moon, though I don’t think they remember it– the moon. Kirsten says she does, but she was only three when we left. Still, it’s become our bedtime ritual to say good night to things, even if she and Lilly are too old for picture books. We have no telephones or red balloons–or kittens and mittens, for that matter. I hold on to my tattered copy of Good Night Moon—print books are rare and treasured, this one especially so because I remember Jonas reading it to the girls. They and I managed to escape on the last ship from Earth. We’ll never see it or the Moon again. We’ll never see you again. Good night, moon; good night, my love. I’ve become the old woman whispering, “hush,” but in my dreams, I sleep with you.

I’m hosting dVerse today for Prosery Monday. For this prompt, everyone must use the line “In their dreams they sleep with the moon.” It’s from Mary Oliver’s, “Death at Wind River.” Good Night Moon is a popular picture book. My husband and I had it memorized at one point. **Also, a reminder that Thursday’s dVerse will be a live event.

70 thoughts on “Moon Dreams

  1. This is incredibly heart-stirring, Merril! ❤️ And yes, I remember that picture book by Margaret Wise Brown 🙂 you have brought back so many memories!

  2. WOW. This is stunning, visceral, and as others had said–poignant. How wonderful this is and it just pulls at your emotions. Amazing writing. As well, thank you for the fantastic prompt today. It’s quite lovely.

  3. My heart hurts thinking of leaving Earth and never seeing it or the moon again. To have it remain only in fairy tales for our children is so sad to imagine. Good beginning for a longer story.

  4. Eerie, nostalgic and futuristic. Hopefully not a forewarning… Yes, how I loved reading this book to my kiddies. But I think I fell asleep reading it with the ‘shhhh’ sound before they did. 🙂

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