Breathe if—

and let time fly into the fevered brilliance of the sky—
fire and ice, the stars know

the secret of eternity,
ghost-lights sailing in a vast sea,

a dazzling memory,
like a voice, a laugh, a kiss that lingers

from a dream
as you wake, surrendering to the now–

summer now an almost-smile
in the blue-shadowed mist.

Did I cry? Did you—
asking for angels–but

a hero gone
to the ever-after.

The stars know the secrets,
ghosts dancing to the music of the universe,

but closer, I watch the birds by the riverside
catch the wind and soar out of sight.

Vulture over the Delaware at Red Bank Battlefield Park

My message from the Magnetic Poetry Oracle. It was a struggle today to get a clear message. We have lost a hero. Rest in peace, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

31 thoughts on “Soaring

  1. It is a lovely tribute, I agree, and you and Kerfe had similar images. Reading mine again, though I wasn’t affected by the loss of RBG (didn’t know much about her), the poem sounds like a metaphor for what might be in store for you now that she’s gone. I hope not!

      • I heard about her for the first time a few months ago when they were talking about who would replace her when she (inevitably) died. There was some hint that she ought to have stood down under Obama who would have appointed someone with similar credentials. I suppose she didn’t see Trump coming.

      • No one saw Trump coming, but since McConnell refused to allow Obama’s pick go for Senate confirmation when Justice Scalia died, it’s just as well she didn’t step down then. And even though Scalia was a conservative, he and RBG were good friends.

      • The president picks someone, but the Senate (our upper house) holds the confirmation hearings and votes to confirm the choice. Right now there is a Republican majority in the Senate. There’s a Democratic majority in the House–after the mid-term elections. It’s supposed to a system of checks and balances, so that the president isn’t directly appointing the justices.

      • I agree, and yes, not fair. I think he’s purposefully choosing younger candidates, too. One I saw belongs to some group that believes the men of the household should be in charge.

  2. What a lovey tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsberg; she was a remarkable woman. I particuarly appreciate the last two stanzas of your poem. The stars know the secrets of the universe, but the sight of a bird soaring is enough for us to be happy who we are and with what we have in the here and now.

  3. Beautiful tribute, Merril. Justice Ginsberg was a hero and a leader. Her voice echoed down the halls of justice and opened hearts and minds along the way.

  4. Lovely lines Merril thank you. May Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s memory be a blessing. And may she soar like the birds on a wing and a prayer that others after her will continue her good work and example.

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