Gogyohka Sequence of Night Sky Dreams

Odilon Redon, Flower Clouds

Moon whispers shimmer
in gossamer dreams
we float star-sprayed with light,
our barque sails to dawn
through blooms of flower clouds

the white mast glides aglow
under golden rays,
and the azure sky is rinsed clean
in the after-morn of summer storms,
the air perfumed with sea salt

and always,
stars and moon voice secret songs
haunting eternity with ghost rhythms
surrounding us with magic,
waking us to if

The Magnetic Poetry Oracle and I collaborated on this sequence for Colleen’s Challenge using the theme “The Night Sky.”

43 thoughts on “Gogyohka Sequence of Night Sky Dreams

  1. The painting and the poem were made for one another. This is lovely! The flowers and the ocean make such a rich visual combination.
    My poem has similar images, the night sky, the moon, and flowers, and of course all the gorgeous colours 🙂

  2. This is absolutely delightful, Merril. The imagery in every line is masterful. I adore the “Star-sprayed,” “flower clouds,” and “moon voice.” I want to live in this beautiful poem. 🌸🌊🌙

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