Shelter for Dreams

Monday Morning Musings:

Heron at Red Bank Battlefield ©️Merril D. Smith, 2020

Dawn blush lightens the grey
over the rippling river
heron poses in sunrise salutation

in silvered blues
beauty comes
through shadows to light

waves roll out and slide back in
the moon waxes and wanes,
and time flows,

through tide pools
reflecting clouds and light,
giving shelter to dreams.

Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield ©️Merril D. Smith, 2020

Today is Yom Kippur, so I’m not going to do a usual MMM post. I don’t want to discuss politics, or even my past week. With so much awfulness in the world–and more likely to come–I felt an especial need for beauty this morning. I was fortunate. As soon as I walked into the park, I saw these two young deer. Then I saw the heron, and the beauty of the sky took my breath away. Magic moments. Wishing some beauty, love, kindness–and magic, too, to all of you in the coming year.

30 thoughts on “Shelter for Dreams

  1. Deer, heron and that beautiful sky are so much more satisfying than watching two old men grimacing on the TV.
    I saw your heron today. We were coming home, just coming out of the alley of plane trees leading into town and he/she flew right in front of us like a low-flying aircraft. Her/his feet touched the windscreen. No harm done. I’ve never seen one so close!

  2. Such a beautiful post, Merril. It’s always nice when we take time to just be in the moment and enjoy nature’s gifts. A break from politics and the ugly around us is not a bad thing, either.

  3. The first picture is just breathtaking. I can only imagine what the scene must have been like to experience in person. I read “Heron at Red Bank Battlefield” as a benediction. It’s a true gift of a poem, and I thank you for it.

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