Ask Why

Foggy Morning, Delaware River at Red Bank Battlefield

The goddess urges—
dream of luscious ifs,

in storms and shadow-seas
see the mist rise to honeyed sun
singing of time—
recall summer petals as floating light.

A thousand sleeps were–
in bitter after-aches,
cry at the blood moon,
ask why

it shines
while the wind whispers
heart breaths–
love, there, here, always.

It’s Open Link Night at dVerse, where Mish is hosting. I never got to Tuesday’s prompt on the vatic voice, but I consulted the Oracle today, and this is where she led me.

47 thoughts on “Ask Why

  1. “See the mist rise to honeyed sun, singing of time.” great word-weaving. A full moon can be reassuring and lovely, until you hear the howling.

  2. Some lovely sounds here – ‘in storms and shadow-seas / see the mist rise…’ and echoes down through the rest of the stanza. and the single syllables in last lines – ‘love, there, here, always’ – emphatic as a prayer.

  3. I soo love the mysticism and allure of your imagery in this one, Merril! 😍 Especially; “see the mist rise to honeyed sun singing of time.” 💝💝

  4. Well done Merril. The questions and ifs are always there… seemingly with few if any answers. Ifs always seem to take me backwards… and when going forward seem to leave me with indecision! What answers did you come up with?

    • Thank you, Dwight, for your thoughtful comment. That is interesting about if. I think I look to the past, in what if I done such and such, but I look to the future imaging what could happen. I don’t know that I have any answers. But I try to listen to the wind and the river, watch the light, appreciate the beauty of nature. . .

  5. Such a gorgeous misty shot, Merril, and a poem to complement it. I love the idea of a ‘dream of luscious ifs’ and ‘bitter after-aches’ that make one ‘cry at the blood moon’ – a bitter-sweet pain.

  6. I love the way you’ve used nature’s delicate voice for questions and reflection. You had me at “dream of luscious if’s” but every line is a gem.

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