Poem in Anti-Heroin Chic

My poem “Sashiko” is in the October issue of Anti-Heroin Chic. You can read it here. My thanks to editors James Diaz and Jenny Robbins. Please do read all the fine poems and stories in the issue.

This poem has a definite creation story. After my mother died in April, a friend, who is a nurse, sent me a card with the art and message below. But she has also experienced personal loss.

20 thoughts on “Poem in Anti-Heroin Chic

  1. Beautiful verse and artwork. I grew up with stitchery: learning how to embroider and knit. Also in our community: quilters, whose work sold to help the needy…lots of crochet too.

    The metaphor in the photos and poetry definitely resonates with me. Thank you for all this Merril. May your heart continue to heal.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Marian! Much appreciated.

      I can’t sew at all. My mother’s mother was an excellent seamstress, though I don’t think she did anything decorative. My husband’s grandmother made beautiful quilts.

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